Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Some Days You Just Gotta Wing It.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I woke up tired. I am going to have a coffee, and then go cut the grass. I should have cut it twice by now, but today will be my first time. It is way too high, and it is going to be a pain in the ass.

I have pretty much nothing on my mind, so  the title of winging it and stuff. Life is a crazy little thing huh??  You are young and stupid,  and probably a pain in the ass for the better part of your kid life. Then at some point in time we realize we learned all we need to know, usually somewhere around puberty is my guess. Puberty is horrible for guys. Being a 15-16 year old guy is the worst. Anyway eventually I guess we begin to like our parents again, probably sometime after high school.

There is a big World out there. Seems we should make our mark somehow I guess. Especially those who consider themselves above average intelligence. I felt that way before. All alone in the World with my brains to carry the way I guess.

Little did I know I wasn't that smart. Little did I know my life wasn't mine to keep. It took many years for my story to unfold. If you remember last year I was kinda ticked how horrible this blog was. What a waste.  Now I am like whatever. Not to be arrogant or anything, but I am right. People have to seek their own answers, but if this blog pulled in a very highly unsuccessful way, then you can bet your life is going to pull. It is what works best.  People are aging, and the key really is your heart.

Why isn't it better??  What is all this crap in it, and why.  I know you want a better one. One that just does stuff better.  Gives a fuck a bit more.  Our whole life we seek out time to do fun stuff. Put our head to the grindstone for a payoff later down the road.

We are our worst teacher. We teach ourself horrible stuff. A lot of us comes from the crap we learn in the World.  No matter who you are you are poisoned by various fairy tales, and advertising, and just how fake this whole World is. The World doesn't want to show the truth, because it wants to keep everything in the dark. How many stories of physical abuse end up with a marriage two weeks down the road??  One should question their own anger.  Why?  Why??

The answer will surprise some or probably all. You cannot be the good person you want to be. As great as we are with our use of thumbs and walking upright, and not eating bugs out of each other's hair we are pretty weak, and pathetic people. Powerless to make ourselves who we want to be.

One thing I've learned is you cannot even teach people that. In a big World we often seek alone time. Maybe others are so afraid of their alone time they run to any gathering just so they aren't alone with their thoughts.

Some of you I get.  That burning desire to become a serial killer, and eat your victims brains.  Come on man.  Don't you know that is fucked up??   Sheesh.  You sick fucks.  Ha!!!   J/k

Anyway I guess I should cut the grass.

Have fun.  :)


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