Monday, May 25, 2015

Our Stories Really All End The Same...

The only difference you can make is can you go further than what the World teaches you. If you never get past I do such and such, and they do that you will never get very far. If you cling to the World, and Society, and all that stuff I cannot help you.

I'll give you a story. Lisa's mom finally died last night. For those who may have been around a while you know she drove me crazy while she lived with us. She helped us out some, but at that stage I was done with lazy people. Jackie broke me, and it was at this point my brother Jim lost his last piece to his life. Me. In a World of shit, and a shit life Jim lost it all. It is I reckon how he found his way.

Jackie's end I have no idea. If you want the truth we all deserve the same end. Few will graduate away from that. The World is their security, and they have no problem with the hate, vengeance, and killing that is in their heart. I guess that is good stuff. Another avenue people take is to hide all this bad shit via some other less than truthful way.

We are less than perfect. Our hearts judge more than anything else. There is a path to a better you, but I gather people would rather take the easier gamble they are good enough.

Unfortunately I know the truth.  I know the folly of our musings, and the silliness of our lives. You can't prove to me this World is good, and Society is the highest ideal, because it simply isn't true. The World  is full of selfish people who most probably won't get any further than the silly things they hold onto now for their security.

The teaching of the World falls way short.  I am afraid most people don't even know they have demons to overcome. It is where your hateful and vengeful nature comes from.

The truth ain't no joke, and only the strong will have the courage to look at it. I gather that is few if any.

Anyway, that is it.


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