Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Out Of Nothing

I may have used that title before, but not really sure. I had a pretty good day yesterday. I got a lot done, and really don't have much to do today. Weed whack the yard,  fold laundry, maybe a couple dishes.

Out of nothing is today's post. I don't have much on my mind. Yesterday's post was okay I thought. It is the story of me. Live a life, have my life explode with death, break-ups, my short comings, and wanting answers.

So what happened to me is I made necessary steps that helped remove the paver that blocked my sight.  This is pushing 30 years ago like 28 or something. I then went through some things, and lived a life where all was hidden, except for me, and one other.

So here I come out starting with heimleblog, but probably before that too. I had a story, and it is well told.

The problem is the paver being lifted is such a small part of me, and it was so long ago. We are born in this any colony with the paver blocking our view. It is one of the things you lack. Most people never graduate out of the ant colony.  It has been tried, but the message falls on deaf ears.

You will find in life at some point where you went wrong. You will see the hurt you have caused people. It is good to do this now, because like I said you don't have all the time in the World.

There is a lot to do, and you have much to do. Life as you know it with all our posturing to show everyone how great we are, and how great our life is, that should be over.

As you see I can only do so much. I can point you in the right direction, but you actually have to look at yourself.

Are you happy??  Is this life thing really all that??  Why am I so fricken busy all the time doing who knows what??

I know the tale of a life under the paver. It is lonely, and empty, and under the paver no one knows you.

It is sad really. Then we look for heroes, and there are none. Not one is strong enough to save us from our blind life under the paver, save one.

It is a sad existence under the paver. A life closed out from the World.


Anyway I guess that is it.

We'll see what today brings.


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