Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Today Is A New Day.

Welp I don't really have a title obviously, or anything to write about, but I have been on a roll of late. I have to go into work for a bit, and that is about it til working tonight. Lisa is off all week to take care of all the crap one has to when one dies. Yikes.

Other than that not much. I thought about my post yesterday, and I was like zoiks. Not an easy job for me is it??  Not many will have the courage to follow this guy, but as I've been doing this long enough, and you have been doing your life thing long enough you can see the pickle you are in.

You know you aren't perfect, and you know your heart is far from perfect. I know where I stand, and accepted that part of my life decades ago.

My whole journey was to get to know me. To know the value of me, and also to learn I don't deserve shit.

That is the difference between me and you. For a good portion of my younger years I fell short in my learning. I guess it took a lot of life , for me to want to look further. I found the answers, and man oh man to have to do what I do??  No thanks. I would have never asked for this. Can't I do simpler stuff??   :)

It doesn't really matter, because I have been given all the tools to be able to do what I have to. Just a vessel to help.

I am not really anything or anybody. Just some dude who is aging, and probably living a modest life. You'll find all the appearances we have really don't mean anything.  The only really useful thing I did was overcome myself. It is a step you have to make , and I am not sure if any will.

Everything else was done for me, and even my life had to be brought to a crossroad where I would have to overcome myself to go on. I didn't know it then. As a matter of fact it took a lot of stuff just for me to learn I don't deserve shit. It is good to be me cuz I know where I stand, and I have tools unseen that really help me a lot. I guess they probably maybe help you in some little way.

Who knows??

Anyway just getting something down. Time to get ready for work. I'll probably only work an hour or two is my guess.  Just helping out with a couple things to fill in for a vacation.

All righties. Laterzzzzzzz.  :)


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