Thursday, May 21, 2015

Just Scratching The Surface...

Hello, and good morning. This has been quite a week really. Really people just scratch the surface of life.  For all the posturing to make their mark it seems people miss the whole point.

Why are you here??  If you go with an idea to throw everything out like I told you probably several years ago you can learn some things.  It isn't that hard.  Whatever is good and right will come back. Whatever is garbage stays thrown out. That is a strange logic of this World.

What is so great about society you want to base your whole being on it. Oh I know the difficult question you have to ask. Lucky for me I questioned things right after College. I wasn't really holding anything, but some stupid diploma, and I still had my job I did during college.

Here is a question for you though.  What happens if everything you do. All your activities, and everything you built your life on, what happens if that = zero points??

You are in your ant colony of a World. You think you are special, and your life really matters. You are an important one. What if it turns out you aren't??

Many people walked the Earth. Doing all sorts of stuff. They all die though. Soon to be forgotten, and who gives a crap about halls of fame, and stupid crap like that. When you are dead you don't think once about that kinda stuff.

I'll give you one hint though.  When you are dead you will wish you did EVERYTHING in your power to be on the right side of right. In the eye of the needle parable the one with tears knew the end, and the other didn't.

I know the end, and I know it in two ways. It is what clothes me that brief time I was full in spirit. I tasted a glimpse of the people's end. It was temporary, because I had to go down a path where I walked in fear. I trusted being full in spirit, but I was to trust something else. I was secure being full in spirit, and without it I wasn't. As a matter of fact it wasn't until after #2 I did feel secure. Although the blogging before that you'll remember I woke up strong every morning to start the day again.

I will be clothed fully again. Full in spirit, and full of understanding. It won't be a taste of the end, it will be the real deal. I will know the multitudes end, having lived it.

So I learned a lot, and lived a lot of things making the turn way back when. Throwing out society as my savior, and that kind of stuff. I am who I was meant to be. If there is some reason I am here, I am doing it.  I've been tested with acts of obedience where I had no vision, but I did what was asked. I played the fool.

However the one good thing I did do was make the turn. I asked when I was told I would be rescued out of every web I got tangled in why??  I thought it was because I suffered this or suffered that.   The answer was overcoming me was a big deal.

I had nothing to gain, and it was me just giving. I have this picture in my mind of my future, but I lay it down. Your will, not mine.

It ended up being a quid pro quo really, except I didn't know it. I gave up my coin having no idea it meant anything. I received a much better one in return, although I had no idea I would.

No path is easy. We trust blindly, but you have me to help, because that is why I am here.

This blog was about trust and strength for a long time. You'll still need it. Your strength you will find in your weakness and fear. Your "greatness" is just some stupid crap society gives medals to.

You are still at the fork. The choice isn't the path less traveled really.  We'll call it the path rarely traveled.  You know where you stand.

This is long so I cannot correct typos.  :)


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