Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Midnight Walk.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay, but I haven't slept yet. I cannot fall asleep. I went on a 3:00am walk with hope, and read, and played stupid games with my phone. Still no sleep. I am half tempted to go get a bottle, and make a stiff drink to knock me out, but that doesn't sound tempting at all.

So I thought I'd tell you some things I thought about. One being I don't walk much. I run all the time, and never walk. Nothing wrong with a walk. I am also amazed at how all the trees and plants exploded over the last week or two.   A 3:00 am walk is kinda nice really.

Unfortunately I did see life though. In my mind as I walked past all the dark houses I saw glimpses of life. Kids with messy bedrooms, playing video games, and doing what kids do. Nothing useful unless you have a gun to their head. Dad's drunk, and wife maybe too.  A lot of tv, and Monday morning jobs.

To be honest it all seemed pretty gross. Arguments, and unhappiness, and all I thought was how do people dress this up as good??  What is so great about growing up so you can become a slave to the 4 walls of your house, and the mortgage payment?

You better tackle life with humor, because life is gross, and dangerous, and silly, and all that stuff. I thought how many smiling pics of some stupid life, while we bury our skeletons in shame.

I thought what a weird thing life is , and why do we feel the need to dress it up. I think in the truth you will find happiness, because everything that is a lie brings misery.  Misery makes us mad, and makes us hate whatever or whoever the scapegoat of the day is.

I think of the totality of life, and the World, and I count zero activities that are worth a damn. That actually mean anything.

Anyway that is what I thought of.

I'll remember the 3:00 am walk was okay.

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