Friday, May 1, 2015

Best Start This Day.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am doing pretty good. Drinking coffee, laying in bed, and phone blogging. It's the latest craze. All the hippies and cool kids are doing it, or will be once it catches on. ;)

Anyhoodles, I guess I know some things, and sometimes I catch glimpses of how nutty it must be. Probability speaking it is probably a crazy thing to fathom, but life unfortunately is made up of a lot of highly improbable things, and me being me is one. Me doing what I have to do is one, although if you were with me after my turn through the Summer of Discontent, and the early 90s  you would know exactly the bitter truth of life on our own.

It occurs to me you may want to know the whys of you having to do what you have to do. I cannot explain really the whys of why we have to do this really, but your heart needs to be moulded into something that can be worked with. It is the turn that will do this, because then your heart will be changed from a hard one that is unbelieving, and disobedient into one that can be changed to do the courageous things you must do, and you WILL NOT be able to do as you are now.

The path you are on is leading nowhere. Like us all just simply headed to the grave chasing wind in whatever form, or hiding behind various forms of escape.

There is nothing of significance to accomplish in this World. People are all born in a tough spot. Destined for trouble, and with very little hope of finding answers. So many false teachers, and teachings.

So I come along, and am turned into what I'd least wanted. A teacher. You may Ask why I wanted this so little. It is because my biggest fear was the final judging. A teacher gets judged to a higher standard, and that is the last thing I wanted what with having already living through it.

So here I am doing my job, and it is not my idea, and not my choice, and not what I asked for. Having overcoming  2 of 3 times with help of course, although overcoming me way back when was a big deal too, I have much courage, and little fear. I have a promise, and a blessing that makes everything good for me.

Me being who I am is worth more than anything you might think is on the other side of the wind.

It is you vs. you though. That is between you, and I am not a part of that. Everything is a journey of one, and it doesn't matter what kind of certificate of marriage you have, or what accredited pieces of paper you have or desire.

It is just you, and there is nothing to cling to. No groups no nothing.

You, and your choice, and stuff.

Anywayzzzzz, I guess that is it.

Have fun.  :)


MWAH!!!     :)))

Time to get ready for job #1 for the day.


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