Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Program...

The weekend is over, and time to start the short work week.  I look at this thing. This blog, and you never know how it will go year after year. This year I guess I decided to take the place that is mine. People come, and people go, and it is their prerogative.  I guess at some point during the past several years I thought this thing would do a lot. It will help a lot, and bring several people along. Obviously I am powerless to do anything, but help in my limited way.

If last year I was frustrated, I'd say this year I am accepting. I accept the very little this thing does.  I also am done horsing around too I'd say. I have known a lot of  harsh truths for decades now.  With help I've overcome much. I have pointed people in the correct direction, because that was in my heart to do it.

I realize people have problems with it, because it would mean they are wrong. Welcome to life 101. The World is wrong. There is false teaching every way you look. People seek for heroes where there are none. The story of our lives is brutal, and sad.  Most in their learning stop short. It is the way of the World. The desire of the World, and the powers in charge are for you to take your place as a vessel of the World.

The naked, and brutal truth stands on its own. It battles Society, Religion, Country, and everything. No one really wants to find the truth, because it is at odds with everything we were taught was right.

So the choice is yours. You right here, and right now. Do you trust to seek the scarier route. You have nothing to go on, but what I have said. A blind step to find a better way, and a better you.

Nothing is easy is it??  Lucky for you is you have what I didn't. Me.

Anyway, I guess that is it.  I may run again for a short one. It will be 5 short ones in a row. I am glad I cut the grass yesterday, as I think there is chances of rain this week.

Anyways I'll see you.


Laterzzzzzzzzz.   :)

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