Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Gather You Want To Kill The Messenger.

Makes sense. Life goes on, and people get help, but the vision is clouded by what is "supposed" to be the right thing. False teachers bombard us.  Our hearts betray us. Our minds are not willing to question what is before us, because this World, and society, and commercials, and fairy tales have us under their spell.

I told you in my heart is this great Sword, and I told you the sword ain't no joke. I help guide you in the correct way, because this is what is in my heart to do, and my heart is guided not by me.  Why else would I do this??

Why do I do it in the first place??  I am just a vessel being used for a purpose. It isn't my story, and it isn't my purpose, because I gave up me a long time ago, and it turns out by doing so I received a much better one. It isn't perfect YET, but that is my path.  As much as you don't want to believe.

You believe in this World.  I know you see it clearly enough to know what I say is true, but fear must be your biggest weakness now.  The security you feel while you are in charge. Your life your decisions, even though you must know your vision is not the best.

When life pulls it will probably go against all you believe, or want to be true. You want life to be this good thing. You want to believe people who dress up in robes, even though they have been warned.  You want to believe this World is good, and we as people are mostly "good enough". If all is possible then the answer sure as Hell is good enough is not good enough.

Also the best things men and women can think up surely are not the best things.

You value your coin too much.  You place way too much value on you, and your importance in the grand scheme of things, and your heroes are as flawed as you.

I get it. You want to kill the messenger, but I already took the proper steps so I could be broken. I took the proper steps so I could know my true worth.

It was in my courage I guess, that I was able to play the fool.

Only problem is I am the one who is right, while you remain with the poor foundation that good enough is good enough.

You people are nuts.  :)

Crazy fuckers.

xoxoxo xoxoxo.

Laterzzzzzz.  MWAH!!!   :)

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