Friday, May 29, 2015

I Hazzz Blog, But Nothing To Write About...

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good. We ended up having a pretty good day yesterday. Long story short. We always thought Jackie had her funeral stuff already taken care of. We found out a couple weeks ago she doesn't, and then she died. We just got caught up mostly, and wham this happens. So anyway this was going to be a challenge financially, and it would set us back. Kevin helped us out some, and Marge of all people. Lisa's other brother must be a Sociology Major or something, cuz he tallied everything up, and came up with the "fairest" amount he could think up. Instead of what can I do to help since I don't, what is the least I can get away without looking like a 100% selfish ass.  Sociology Major right??

Anyway the people at Lisa's  work came over and gave us $1000 check from the business to help pay. It is habitat for humanity restore where she works, so the whole business is based on helping people. Ummmm, that helps. Crazy.

Also I start my new job on Monday. It is a 1st shift job 6-2:00 M-F. I start off .50/hour more than my current job, so it is a raise too. Should be fun.

Anyway that is the shit going on in my little life. I look throughout the years of people who I have gotten to know doing this thing, and I realize all our lives are small. Not too much to us is there??

Try to live a decent'ish life without being a total ass. Some people do better than others I guess.  :)

There you have it though. A day in the life. Death, stress, society bullshit always trying to take away the fun of life.

Lisa has her mom die, and instead of dealing with that she has to do all kindsa bullshit. It is all working out.

Anyhooodles I guess that is it.


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