Monday, May 11, 2015

Guess I'll Get Up.

I decided to get up since I was just laying in bed farting and burping anyway. I made myself some coffee, so guess I can start my day. I actually have a lot to do today anyway. I bought a dark roast something or other coffee, and it may be one of the e best ive ever had. It was only $4.99/ bag too, and probably makes 30 cups of coffee or something.

Anyway what to blog about today. Do you want to know what was on my mind this morning besides farts and burps??   :)

I'll give you my story, and how it is exactly your story too. I don't deserve shit.  I am not a special person who deserves anything. I am not the best person who walked this Earth, and am not the worst. I think back to my time long ago, and it is hard to see how you think really. I was younger, and very much alone in this World. I didn't mind being alone, cuz at a certain point in time the only thing I cared about was being a good person. I was tested I don't know several times I guess. I definitely needed help and training to overcome much. Pretty sure I did have to overcome myself, because that was the one thing I was told I did good.

Still I suffered much, and still I had to learn I don't deserve shit. If that one day long ago where I gave up taught me anything it is all my worth will not be because of me.

I ain't worth shit on my own. This World is at odds with the truth, because the truth is the hardest and scariest thing in the World.

The truth is our lives are not of any importance.  All the activities under the sun = zero points.  Your life = zero points, and no matter what good you think you do, you fall short. The truth is a beast I tell you. It is here to break you, so you can be worked with. Arrogance and pride are not things that can be worked with.

Humility is something that can be worked with, and that is why you need to be broken. This is your journey. Your solo journey, and your personal relationships are important to you it is still you and you alone.

Throw away your ledger of all the great activities you have done, and how wonderful all your personal relationships are, cuz they mean nothing. All that means anything is you stand alone.  You face your judgement alone, and you will be naked of all the "great" things you have done, because what you think is important probably isn't in the eyes that matter most.

This shit ain't easy, because it goes against the grain of the World, and you are very much a part of this World.

Guess that is it.


MWAH!!!   :)

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