Saturday, May 23, 2015

Maybe It Is The PB&J??

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me I am doing great. I got home early last night, and slept like a champ. Almost 5 square hours, so that has me totally ready to start my day. I have coffee, I will have run, I then will have work, and then I will have burgers on the grill. I think I slept so good, because of the PB&J sammwich I had before falling asleep. It must be it. That is how things work in this galaxy. If we were on Zaphron 14-.3 it would be a sardine sandwich toasted on rye bread you would need.

Anyhoodles now that you have that info I guess we can move on. Now where we??  Oh yeah probably talking about life and stuff. I say a lot of things on here.  Are you scared of you??   Are you afraid of what people would think if they knew the stuff you think about??  What makes you tick. I have equated this blog with a mirror. I imagine the purpose is to break you down. Break down your defenses, because you to get to know you more is at first not to like you that much.

Imperfect people with no way at all to turn us into an ideal person.

You are powerless to make you into the ideal person you would want to be. So many bad things in us.  So many weaknesses we wish we had control of.

Life is a crazy story huh??  We grow up being taught we are all that. Seek affirmation after affirmation, and the truth is way different. The truth we cannot hide from. We can try via different routes of escape, or by painting pretty pictures of us that people will accept, but when it comes to you vs. the mirror the mirror knows all. It sees all, and maybe that shit we'd assume keep in the dark.

Staying in the dark is one avenue, but the light is where it is at. To get to know us. To deal with the pain of our life, and our shortcomings so we can be cleaned out of all the stuff that holds us down.

I know people want to think their value is more than one coin.  To be human is to error.

You want to be the best you; you can be, then you have to deal with you.

Trust me I know enough that maybe it is scary. Maybe the fleeing acceptance in some form or another is all you seek. It is all you want, but to not go the right direction just makes you a worse person.

A human's life is a slippery slope of the Earth taking us down a path to misery, because there will always be something missing.

It is why you are the way you are now. So you will question things. If this is the best life has to offer than it sure kinda sucks huh??  :)


Okay, time for me to get going.



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