Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Was Wondering...

Well good morning.  I was kind of wondering what drives me crazy the most, and it just hit me.  You all think you are Saints,  You think there are Saints, or you try and show people you are some version of a Saint.  Ummmmm wrong on all counts.  You have yet to acknowledge or accept you are not that.  You cannot be that.  Anything or anybody who told you or taught you are one is WRONG!!!

So quit pretending.  He or she did this, and I do this does not a Saint make you be.  You dig??  Truth Truth Truth...

Maybe you look in at yourself and you are scared, because you think is this the best I can be??  On your own yes.  You won't get better, and as a matter of fact as YOU and the picture of YOU gets closer you will think you are actually getting worse. 

As I have said for a while.  We are not that fucking great.  Don't pretend you are. 

Do you have the courage, and the strength to be completely honest??  Honest is the only right thing. 

If you look somewhere for Saints you won't find them.  It sure ain't those people who wear weird costumes.  There are warnings about that.  They would rather you look at their costumes, instead of what is inside them.  Their whole worth is their costumes. 

That is what drives me crazy.   YOU!!!

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