Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hi,  I haven't blogged in a while.. at least for me.  Reasons??  A lot, I guess.  I have been a bit off I guess.  No biggie.  I had a good stretch of running T-Tr.  Thursday being a really good effort,  a almost feel like puking at the end effort.  I don't push myself like that very often. 

Anyway, the thing on my mind is sleep.  Very important to how we feel.  After a hard Thursday effort, those that know me know I don't sleep well after those for some reason.  I managed a whopping 3 hours of sleep I guess that night, which made for a sluggish Friday.  So, I thought I'd do what I normally do on those days.  Have a couple drinks, and listen to music, and fall asleep.  Actually, I didn't enjoy that very much, so pretty much went to sleep after one drink.  That fucked up my sleep for Friday.  I was up around 6 or 7:00.  I was watching the Sox via the internets, and was up til 12:00 or so.  I worked at 5:00 am.  I knew not to try to run to work, and actually only worked like 4-1/2 hours.  I came home, and made a steak at like 10:00 am, and watched Baseball and the Olympics all day. 

I don't know how sleep gets messed up.  For me it usually doesn't, but it sure put me out of whack.  Luckily I fell asleep early last night, and am pretty well rested.  I have coffee going, and am running long today.  It isn't August yet, but I plan on getting my first 15 miler in.  4 before, and the regular 11. 

Other than that one more thing on my mind this morning.  Peace is fragile.  Look how WWI started.  Over something stupid.  As most of you know the Western World- Developed Countries- have a bit of a debt problem.  Most people look at it with a macro vision.  Country-Country-Country, but look at it in the micro  People-People-People.  People who many have followed the rules of the day pretty well.  They were promised this and that, and this and that.  Best intentions and all that.  Make a better life for people.  Now all of a sudden due to really no one's fault a lot of promises are going to be taken away from people.  People are going to get angry, because of unfulfilled promises.  Some Countries will share a bigger burden, and all it takes is a strong confident voice to whip the people up in a frenzy. 

We are not that smart of people you know??  We have people who put a lot of time in their lives just to make sure people have the right to carry automatic weapons on our street.  Slippery slide argument crap.  NRA made a killing on slippery slide arguments.  So did that one tax dude on K street. 

Life is complicated.  People for the most part want to do right.  As misguided as our knowledge gets us.  I say prepare, and accept for an ugly World.  You'd be silly to think that things cannot get bad.  All the powers that be have created a financial system which is bound to fail.  People are divided, and I just think it is an imperfect system.  You cannot fix all of life's ills with $$$$.  Yet all our lives we spend how much time thinking about it??  Society is flawed, and not perfect, and Wars happen, and people snap and ugly shit can happen.

What do you do???  Accept the bad parts of life.  Live life as you want.  Keep your eyes open.   Don't take just pretty pictures.  Don't gloss over the ugly parts of life.  It is there it is real.  You know??

Do what the fuck you want, but be honest.  Trust what your eyes see, and don't be scared of what is true and what is honest. 

Ya dig?? 

Be brave and be strong in all things. 

O.K.???   You fucking pussies.   :)

That is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :) 

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!   :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)))

p.s.  Kenny Williams GM of the White Sox is creative.  Thinks outside the box.  Tries new things, and isn't afraid to fail.  His courage has made him a pretty dang good GM I'd say. 

Love You All  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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