Friday, July 20, 2012

Just In Case We Forgot...

Well, we definitely had a good reminder day that running can be fun.  Last night we ran, and it was in the 70's.  Woo Hoo!!!   Just to give you an idea of the church trail, 2 loops is a 5K course basically.  If you were to run the 5K course as a race, you'd probably have to add 4 minutes to your time.  It ain't easy.  I ran 4 loops for the very first time.  My legs were fatigued after the 3rd loop, but I went on and did the 4th, and felt fine, once I got going.  We stopped for a drink.  I arrive early to get 2 loops, and run 2 with Ken and Jerry, although Jerry rode his bike.  Nursing a pulled calf.  That has been nagging him for a bit, so Doc said take a week off. 

I definitely felt good though.  Like everything is coming together, or running in cooler temps.  Who knows.  I actually timed this run, and in a non-scientific analyses, I figure I am at 24:00'ish 5K fast.  I have a ways to go, but it was my first timed run in a while, and I haven't run these trails consistently for a few years.  So who knows.  At least I finally feel like I am getting somewhere. 

What Else is going on??  Not much.  It is Friday,  Lisa closes, so we'll do lunch before she goes in.  Friday is a do nothing day, and Saturday is a run to work and back day.  My life ain't complicated.  I actually have a pretty easy schedule I'd say.  I don't really carry a lot of baggage either.  In life we all need help.  We have a past, all of us, and since people are never perfect, than either is our past.  We believe in the fairy tale unconditional love, and well, that isn't always the case is it??  Life is full of a lot of stuff.  We have all these things we want to do, but our lives are shared with people we care about too, and they have wants and stuff.  As with almost all things in life where do you find the balance??  My wants, and my time spent for me, and the time I should spend with cared ones wants and needs.  That is one reason we all feel lost at times, is who has the knowledge and wisdom to be in the right balance in all things about our life??  No one huh?? 

Life is fricken complicated to say the least.  I guess if one were to paint a broad picture of the world, and all the people in it, you could do worse than say we are all selfish people.  Me Me Me,  I want, I want, I want. 

I don't really have a lot of baggage, because my life I have dealt with.  It frees you up.  I could give you all the steps I have taken, but I think you know them.  I was led on a path, that was just nuts.  None have walked my exact path, and none have walked yours.  You are solo baby.  A one of a kind.  There is so much stuff inside us that shields us from the truth.  We don't ever always even get a true picture of ourself.  Truth and Honesty is a Journey.  Remember the word journey too, it signifies time and travel.  Our lives are not an overnight thing.  Here is what I have been saying too I guess.  No one likes hard times.  No one likes the difficult things in life, but I said trust.  You are being led in a good way.  Stay strong in all things as much as you can.  We all fail at that, but do your best.  If you are in a race you have a plan and you stick to it, and do your best.  I guess what I have been saying in life, let go of the plan.  Trust there is a better one, and one with better vision.  That is the hard thing, but no one is so far away they cannot be taken in.  The truth sets you free, and that is our journey.  Embrace time, and embrace patience.  Take a deep breath, and realize this that goes on is good.  You don't always feel great the way things are going, but trust trust trust.  Don't trust yourself so much, because we are flawed.  Your life is progressing in ways for a reason, so be open to everything, and be open to what lessons are being taught you.  :)

LOL,  I thought I had nothing.  

I leave a few pics of flowers.  It is for someone who got flowers before on my blog.  If she reads this, she will be able to tell they are for her.  :)

Not many people get flowers on my blog.  :)

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