Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fail, and Fail...

2 Goals yesterday.  Beat last years time, and be strong after the dune.  Fail and fail.  I felt okay most of the way.  The dune was easier than I thought it would be, probably just experience, but when I ran back down we had another climb I must have forgotten about.  I didn't think it was going to be hard after the dune, but the first climb was longer than I thought, and I snapped.  climbing on loose sand sucks, and I walked most of the trail after that. 

I didn't really care, and you  know how it goes.  Mentally you tell yourself you suck, and you are the worst, and I am never running  a damn marathon.  Running sucks.  The usual.  :)  On the walk on the trail though it actually wasn't that bad.  I was soaked with sweat, because it was so hot, so the breeze cooled me down.  walking on the trail wasn't bad.  It was kind of refreshing.  After we finish the trail we still have a mile of road to run.  I did a walk run, and then just jogged the last 1/2 mile.  I ate some watermelon, drank some warm water, sat in the shade and took off my shoes that weighed 5 lbs. a piece.  No joke about the weight of the shoes either. 

I went home and slept.  I woke up and had some lemonade.  Looked at some of the pictures posted on FB, and thought... hmmmm.   That was fun right??   I am an idiot.  :)

Today is a long run, so Ken and I will do our 11 mile route.  I don't think the temps. will be too bad considering what we have been dealing with.  When I was walking the trail back during the race, less people passed me than the year before.  I think there was just a lot of carnage out there.  Less people too.  The smart ones.  Ken passed me though, so I may have to add a couple tempo miles on the long run today.  :)   j/k.  

Later all.  :)

Have a good one...

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