Monday, July 9, 2012

Back To Work...

Well, I am FINALLY back to work today.  yay.  :)  Maybe my week off wouldn't have been so boring if the weather wasn't so brutal.  Maybe I would have actually got something done.  Maybe if the book I was reading wasn't so depressing.  Who knows??  It was a shitty week.  I had a low mileage total running week.  A little under 25 miles, but that is over.  I am back to my routine.  One of the things I noticed about work too is how much my walking helps.  Not working I lose a good portion of the extra 4-6 miles I walk at work every day.  So, I am here to tell you FOR ME  work is good food.  :)

Not much going on.  Ken and I ran our 11 miler yesterday.  It wasn't all that pretty.  It was my 5th day of running in a row, and my legs were a bit tired.  I guess Saturday was a bit of an exertion too, but whatever,  sometimes ya just gotta get it in. 

I watched Wimbledon, which was exciting.  I watched Andy Murray's Semi final win, and I did not realize there has not been a Male Finalist from the UK since like 1938 or something.  He made it to the Finals, so that was exciting.  He is Scottish, but I think all of UK were rooting for him.  He played great in the Final, but Federer was way too good.  It was exciting, and I haven't watched Tennis in a couple years.  Maybe because there are no good Americans anymore.  Oh, and women should play 5 sets in majors.  Sporting wise they can handle it like men.  That is dumb.  What is the difference from a major and a minor Tennis tournament for girls???  stupid...

Lazy day really yesterday.  Sox were on WGN, so I watched that for a bit.  My friend Beau stopped by, and we hung for a bit.  It was a nice day.   Lisa and I had pizza for dinner.  :)

Today is Monday.  I work, shop after work, and cook a meal.  Lisa is off.  I am off from running, and my life is better than yours.   :)


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I think that is about it.  :)

Have a good one all.

Later Gaterzzzzzzzzzz   :)))

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