Thursday, October 1, 2015

What A Mess...

It don't take much for this blog to get a little messy that is for sure. I don't even know what to say. I think I am becoming less and less interested. I have my life, and there isn't much to it. Work, eat, stay active, have fun.

There is a certain pull in many, maybe all people that we are doing it right. I am okay, everyone else is fucked up. The truth of the matter is you are overpowered by things you cannot see. The person we want to be is out of reach.

People must know that, cuz then they make some type of sacrifice. I do this, and put a lot of effort in this. That makes me better, cuz look at that fatso over there. Look at me, now look at them. Surely I am a Saint. Right??

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We are people so are insides are all kinds of stuff. Perfect isn't one of them, and once again we know that, so we take pictures. We dress up our lives, because now the people can see we are Saints right??

We are on our way to being judged. That means it is us individually just looking at the truth. That is all. The truth of us is scary isn't it??

The human being. Has there ever been anything more doomed to failure??  So great we are with these brains, and thumbs. Walking upright and shit, yet the truth of us is nowhere near. Shit, I had to ask for the mirror years ago in a different blog, because we would not be able to see ourselves otherwise.

So you have the mirror, and sometimes this blog is a mirror too I suspect, but this blog is a mess, and that means one thing only. You turned the mirror instead of using on yourself.

Not smart.


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