Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Something New...

Just when you think you saw it all. So today was starting out a lot like Monday. Woke up well before my alarm, and ready to get up. So I was just laying there, and fell asleep. I was sleeping deep when the early alarm went off so I went back to sleep. I woke up after about a half hour, so I figure I got time to do this. I don't need to stay in bed til my late alarm goes off. I won't have time to take the hopester   though.

So that is that. My heart has been really good lately. It is kinda hitting me that these are not the dead years. We are not alone, although you cannot tell. One of the many things I cannot explain to you. Shoes of mine you cannot walk in. My heart is at peace. It is happy and filled with joy. The truth of my life I know, and I realize there are no heroes in life. How did the World lead us all astray?

I have no idea, but from where I stand everything is easy. I know me, and I know my story. I know some probably scary things about you that you do not. These times for me are so strange. For one I know you better than you do. Your deepest desire, and maybe biggest fear is you want to be known. Carrying your burdens, and keeping them buried is not good for you. During my time way back when I went through what I thought my whole life was. It got me started. Some things were held back, and saved for the journey.

I was thinking you people have to go on your own personal journey, but now I don't even know if that is true. I have no idea what it is you are to do, and this running in place is stupid.

I am pretty sure you have your own personal thing to go through, and some may be pulled to share.

From where I stand everything looks different than you. I am not afraid of me, and I am not afraid of my story. The best parts about me are seriously just gifts given. Me on my own HA!!  Who knows what I would have been??

So on we go. Me standing as I do, and you standing as you do. I know your inside, and I remember how dark it is. The light scares you, cuz the light will reveal to you the truth. You can trust me, you are definitely not who you think you are.  It all may seem scary at first, but the end game the fear goes away. For me it is actually before the end game I lost my fear, but you have no idea the power and strength of my help.

I am not alone, and that means you aren't either. It doesn't scare me now, but I bet it does where you stand, because you have not done what has been asked. The biggest thing I can tell you is to get on the right side of right is worth everything, and your life probably seems big, but it isn't. Just another pebble of sand.

Crazy crazy.

Have a good one  :)



xxoo.  ;)

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