Saturday, October 17, 2015

Guess I Can Get Up...

Hello, and good morning. How's it going. Me, I am doing pretty good. It was my day to sleep in. I didn't exactly sleep in later than normal, but I did stay in bed later than normal. I was just laying there thinking of things, but nothing really in particular.

Right before I got up I did think of  something significant. Something I know to be the truth, and something you probably cannot relate to. It just has to do with life stuff. We grow up thinking we are pretty good. We sorta do okay in society. We aren't perfect cuz we have a sword we use on ourself, and we know we aren't perfect. Some people go out, and try to do respectable things whatever that may be.

The big disconnect though is there is a best a person can be. This person is absolutely not in our power to be, but it is possible to be made into this person. As far as I can tell it hasn't happened in Centuries. The World has been going on and nothing really significant has happened in this time. Coins remained coins, and then they disappeared.

So for some reason I come along, and my life is singled out to find the truth about life, and people, and I followed a path not of my own making, and I found the way for me to be made into the best a person can be.

Why me??  No good reason really, just lucky. I had a good set of eyes, and I was able to remember a lot of my life, and my heart wanted a purpose. My purpose is so much more than I bargained for, but my path made me strong, courageous. It made me trust, and finally live without fear.

Why did I "meet" some of you?  Same reasons really. None in particular, just one of those things.

Anyway I find that to be something. People live a life thinking they are special in some way, and we really aren't. We are not able to even make a dent in ourselves compared to what is possible.

Hearts are made of lust and greed and jealousy, and things like that. Heck my heart had to be taken, so it could be protected. Funny how that was after I gave up that time way long ago.

I really needed to learn that I really am not that special at all, and that is an important part of me. The truth of me helps me accept life I guess. The World speaks other things.

Anyway I guess that is good.

Have a good one.  :)

Luv ya's.  :)



MWAH.   :)))


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