Friday, October 16, 2015

I Hate Errands...

Hello, and good morning. I've been laying awake for a while thinking of nothing in particular. I was kinda laughing about all the ridiculousness on Wednesday. I laughed so much, and had a fun day. I stayed up way past my bedtime too.

Lisa just asked me a couple minutes ago if I still drink coffee, and I told her no. She asked why, and I just said it doesn't do anything for me. I thought about making a cup this morning, and I may.

Anyway I have to get a haircut, and I don't want to. I have to change the oil in my truck, and I may just do that myself. It is easier, and I hate errands.  Stupid life shit.

Anyway this week has been kinda a whirlwind. I am just doing the life thing, and I am not really too concerned with anything. I can't imagine what I look like as an outsider looking in, but I guess people wish their life was care free. Mine is as close as it comes I guess. I live my days by working, and after work I celebrate my labor with a meal, and a good night sleep.

I have nothing I need to accomplish in life, cuz I already have the best thing. I guess you'd call it self-actualization. It is kinda a matrix zone of existence. Life doesn't really affect me, and I don't worry about stuff.

I am not afraid of death, and I am ready for it whenever it comes. I know I won't see death until after my final thing, and whatever it is I am supposed to do after that, so I guess that is something to be content about, except for the final thing being no joke.

Other people who aren't me I don't know too well. People are slaves to the World really. The locker room talk that really fills our lives surely does not fill our public life. People have to look right, say the right things, smile and shit. What if you are just in a shitty mood?  We still have to be a certain way.

The World is such a piece of horse shit, and where do you fit in??

I think of how people are, and people are so lost. Stuck in this World, and there is no way out. Your best life is in the matrix zone of existence, which I guess is the Garden if Eden, but it is not in your power to get there. All other avenues will leave you unfulfilled, because the freedom you want you don't have, and all the other things you chase is wind.

Sucks to be you.  :)

Have a good one.  :)

Luv ya's.  :)



MWAH.  :)))


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