Friday, October 2, 2015

It Is Friday

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good. I am awake, cuz I am not tired. It is Friday, and I can sleep in tomorrow. Sunday I have to work two jobs. I am working with the cleaning people, and there might be a lot to do. I might be working there more frequently on Sundays too, which is fine with me cuz I don't really do anything worth a crap on Sundays. I'll be forking over $1100 for my truck next week too, so one can always use money.

As to this blog, HA!!  Such a disaster, and I question where did it all go wrong??  For one thing people have not been strong, and trust for sure has not been there. The two most important things. If I lose trust in you that is not good. I don't know how you would gain that back.

I thought about the predicament you are in, and I wondered what if I had someone like me. I realized I was not afforded that, because I was solo. The days when I wanted answers there was nowhere to turn.

Then I thought how it must be to live inside your head. I figured it must be really strange, because you are closed off from a higher thinking that is available, but not in your reach. You are of this World, and all you know is this World. I am in between from who I once was to who I am going to be.

It is not good to be you, although it is all you know. I had a blog that has gone on many years, but it teaches of our weakness and imperfections, not our greatness. No one wants to hear that, cuz it can't be, can it??

Our whole life can't mean nothing can it??  Solomon surely was wrong right??

Why have the World if everything is so whack??  Do not trust in your own understanding, because inside your heart is no understanding of the significance of all this. I've gone through a lot to get where I am to be able to help, but it is all easy now for me. My work is done save one thing, but you cannot cling to the World anymore, cuz it is of no help to you.

You cannot cling to your old ways, because that life is over. Either you choose the World or the path that leads to the better you. You can't choose both. One "seems" like a sacrifice, but that is just cuz of your limited knowledge, and lack of understanding.

The funny thing you cannot hide is your inside, cuz I know what it is like to be you. I was once like that. You have no idea what it is like to be me, cuz you have never had this.

Sooooo, I guess eventually maybe some of you may come along. I guess you first want to have something better than what you are now. There may be security in groups, but your life only = you.

It is why we have the mirror, because you have to deal with you. You will not be fixing the World that is for sure, you can't even fix you, unless you take the steps that lead to help.

Oops this was long.  Sorry... Not sorry.  :)



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