Saturday, October 31, 2015

Just Like That It Is Almost November...

I slept a ton last night. It felt weird, cuz I kept thinking how long do I have til my alarm goes off?  I don't use one, it is my day to sleep in. I guess I was tired this week. Anyway, I just realized November is almost here, and before long the end of the year. It seems every year this blog has a theme. Last year was the drought year. I blogged about half as much as I used to. This year we added a lot, in what was surely a roller coaster year. I don't know what my blog totals will be, but it will be close to normal, if you consider I took a whole month off.

Pretty positive this blog accomplished nothing again as is usual. A good amount of time has gone in this thing, but I have nothing, but time. I can't say a good amount of effort went into it, cuz it ain't no thing.

What does it do??  Not really sure. What do I do??  Not really sure. I am just out there living my life without fear. I have no fear of death, cuz who cares??  We'll all die someday. I have no fear of life either, cuz unlike you I am not the product of one who took the bite out of the apple. If there is a way I am "supposed" to be, I don't know it, and if people judge  their little fiery arrows cannot penetrate me. They once could, but no longer.

You are powerless. One thing of my life too is friends come and go, and that does not concern me, cuz my life really is in another's hands, and I would not be what I am, if I didn't decide to take a path which wasn't mine.

People on their own are quite a trip. They seek out the superhuman, and there is none. All paths really lead to us judging, cuz we have to believe we are right, or what??  What does it mean if you are wrong??  You should think of that cuz you are.

How do I know??  Cuz my whole life was given to find right. Really, I seeked out perfection first, cuz I didn't know right could live without it. In my case it can, but eventually right, and perfect meet. That is the end of this story, and the beginning of a new one.

Then there is you??  What part do you play??  Currently you haven't played any part. Who, and what I am you have had little, and actually no say.

You are an acquaintance, and however you decide to act on that is up to you, cuz I am strong on my own. :)




Luv ya's.  :)

MWAH.  :)))

xxoo. :)

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