Friday, October 9, 2015

That Was Fun...

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing good. I really had fun with my post yesterday. It was fun taking a trip down memory lane. My whole life is open for me to view. My story went in though, and there was still important stuff. When I was full in spirit I felt I was the best a person can be. Honest Lora was for this short time the best friend I had in the World. We'd stay up and watch country videos til like 4:00 am. We worked 2nd shift. It was strictly a platonic relationship. I had my life, and I was doing whatever the turn said I'd do. I already survived those 6 days, so I knew a lot of stuff that as I know now none on the Earth knew.

This short time was probably the best if my life. Everything was taken away. I did a lot already, and I was given a lot. My story went on though. It wasn't done. I was told to leave Lora, and go solo. Little did I know my story just began.

I went solo, and seeked for my answers. My bad Summer was before me, and it led to overcoming the first time, and the Hospital. Lora was one of the people to visit me the next morning when I was surprised I was still alive. The judges are harsh. I was broken. I did not try and save my life, but I gave my life to others, and said God's will.

Anyway a new day was here, but I had a year of the physical depression to deal with. I needed to sleep most of my hours. It was work, and sleep. Really not sure why I had to go through that. It was horrible.

Anyway smack dab in the middle of this I met Natalie. I was never going to have another girlfriend. My life was all about the turn. Ha!!  I fell accidentally big time for her. Having no energy I was never ever so vulnerable in my life. The Steve I knew was nowhere near. I got jealous for the first time in my life with her.

Anyway she went to study abroad in Denmark, and that damn near killed me. I really fell big time for her. I wrote her letters every day, much like I do this, and she rarely wrote me. That broke my heart too. :)  her twin sister, and I became friends, and hung out. That was good for me, cuz I was really a wreck about Natalie being gone. Alyssia had a bunch of gay friends for some reason, and we'd go out to the local gay bar. They were fun people, and really nice. One time Alyssia, and I believe her best friend came over to my apartment after the bar, and drank coffee talking til like 5:00 am. Alyssia and I even went and saw some movie sometime, and I don't really remember what it was.

Anyway I was really glad to have Alyssia as a friend back then.

At some point my energy returned, and I was me again. The fragile vulnerable me was gone. Natalie came back, and we got together again. I've been through a lot, and the only problem with Natalie and I is one day I called her after work at a bar. I just started working at Menards, and I'd stop by Diamond Daves for some beers. A dumb ass mall bar/shitty restaurant that was on my way home. I drank a fuck ton of beer there during that time, and maybe ate one or two meals. For a while I rarely even got charged for beer. I knew the owners.

Anyway for some reason Natalie asked me in what I thought was a mean way, "why are you calling me from a bar?"  I took it the wrong way, said I'd call her back later, and I did like 3 months later. Geesh at this time I already met Cathrine from Norway. We were pen pals, and we even hooked up in Chicago. She hung out with all my friends, and we showed her a good time in the city. Eventually I lost track of Cathrine, Natalie, and Alyssia. I don't know much of their stories at all, but I am friends with them on FB now. :)

Natalie was driven, and smart, and ambitious. She went on to do some army Dietician stuff. She is in Germany I believe with her husband. Alyssia has 2 or 3 kids, and I am not sure where she lives. I forgot to check. Cathrine is in Norway with her husband and kids. I am friends with her husband too.

Memory lane is fun. It is fun sharing my story. It is fun knowing everything about me, and actually it is fun to be me.

One thing I thought about memory lane is if it is hard. Is it like the bloody Mary's at Phil's??  Those people didn't have enough liquor in them to look down memory lane. Not sure how you feel about that stuff.

This shit is easy for me.


Have a good day.  :)



xxoo   :)))

Luv ya's.  :)


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