Monday, November 3, 2014

This Is Post 1259

So, this is my 1259th post to my blog.   Just this one here too.  That is almost 4 straight years of blogging.  Crazy huh??  I don't know why, but I just thought of that. 

Anyway it is Monday, and I have to work tonight.  I am kinda glad too, because too much time off for me isn't anything I want really.  I am weird that way.  I had a good weekend though.  I did two little jobs, one on Saturday, and one on Sunday, and that was it.   I relaxed a lot, and feel ready to start another week I guess.   I was going to run yesterday, but decided against it. 

So that is that.   My life really is just this simple stuff.   Eat, sleep, wake up, relax, etc...   I will probably run short til January 1, and then start training for Spring races.  Riverbank for sure, and not sure if anything longer or not.  We'll see.  Right now I am contemplating a Fall Marathon for next year.  Once again we will see.   Running and staying healthy have not exactly been seeing eye to eye in my World. 

So anyway, this blog is a thing.   It is a going concern.  Something I spent time doing, but mostly just cuz I feel like it.   With me people come, and people go, but I still remain.  This blog still remains, and it keeps going. 

Sometimes it has important stuff in it, and I would imagine maybe more times than not it has important stuff in it.  It may not be stuff you want to read or hear, but that is tough.   Life has some tough stuff to it, and you cannot hide from it. 

There is a truth out there, and I HAVE found it.   I know what my life is about.  I know who I am, and these types of things.  It is good to be me, and actually you have no idea how good it is to be me. 

I have a life, and I have a story, and perhaps people are just FINALLY coming to terms with the fact you are not the best a person can be.   You have shortcomings, and weaknesses, and stuff like that.   We build up our lives with pictures, and things, but I know a lot of what is inside people, and we really are not all that are we?? 

I think deep down we want to live a life that matters, but there only is one way for that.   I have gone on and on about that though, and that is another thing you don't want to believe.  Pretty funny my life went in a direction it did.   My life was set aside to find the truth, and answers, and things like that.   I went through a number of things to find the answers, and when it came time to tell people they didn't believe me. 

My whole life was for this, and the people spit it back in my face.   Crazy huh?? 

What do I think about it??   Well, I am here for a purpose, and what needs to get done will get done.   I just don't know how it will happen, but it will.  People have to go through some tough stuff, because hearts are hard, and the flesh is weak, and the World entices, and everything.  

There are so many things that need to be done, and we barely even begun.   We haven't even made one minor step, and already people are falling away.   That to me is pretty nutty too. 

Anyway, not much really going on other than that.   I have to do the leaves today, because I didn't do them this weekend, but even so, I liked this weekend.   It was pretty good.  

Sooo, anyway just getting some stuff down.  


xoxoxoxo   MWAH!!!    :)

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