Sunday, November 23, 2014

3 Steps Forward, And 80 Steps Back...

That is how it seems this thing goes sometimes.  So whatever.  

When you look at yourself what do you see??  Somebody who is better than others??  You've done all the right things.  Blameless in all your deeds??  Shining brighter than all others with all your goodness, and the direction you planned out for yourself?? 

What is it that makes you this "good" person??  Which of the great virtues out there are you just overflowing with??  For those of the religious type, if all things are possible, than you are the best there is??   Perfect and blameless, because of how great you are??  Your faith really stops short of what can be done huh??   You put faith in a few words here and there, and try your best to follow along Society's path, whichever Society you live in. 

The truth is greater than Society.  Stronger, and doesn't need the foolishness of men's best "wisdom"   It stands strong on its own, and people use Society as a crutch, and upbringing, and false teachings, and crap like that.  

People's path of redemption is the following the foolishness of the thoughts of men.  You have religious leaders of all faiths seemingly wearing silly robes, although the book they believe warns against that kinda crap.   I just need to see the robes, and know they are wrong.   I just need to see the uniform, and know their message is wrong, and false, and falls way short.   Centuries and Centuries of crap, and look how many people fell into their misguided trap.   There are warnings about those false teachers, and their future.   They will be surprised no doubt. 

I came along, and with a wisdom greater than my own gave you information the others wouldn't give you.   I told you it would be hard, and I told you to be strong.   I gave you the path, but you are too wise huh??  Too good, and too perfect.   You know best.  

80 steps back, and I really am disappointed I guess.  

I don't like arrogance, and I guess that is a lot of what I see.  

As I've said before, I stand alone.   You ain't that fucking great.   Even if you think you are. 


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