Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This Will Be A Day...

Hello, and good afternoon all.  I am surprised I am blogging today, because I have to work at 2:00PM.  I was worried this morning about getting enough sleep, because today is going to end up being a 14 hour workday instead of a 12 hour workday.  I will be doing 3 jobs from 2 different employers, and all will be me on my feet.  :) 

One job we are really short.  Actually we run with a crew of 4.   Currently we only have 3, and we are not sure if the 3rd will be showing up, since he didn't show up last night, and he called in twice in the 8 days he's had the job, and asked for last Friday off too.  :)   Doubt he shows up.  I mean seriously. 

I tossed and turned a bit, since I was worried about waking up on time, but I think I'll be okay.  Tomorrow I won't have to be at work til 5:00, so I can sleep pretty good tomorrow. 

I was thinking yesterday of a disconnect we people have with the absolute truth.  Yesterday was a voting day, and I didn't vote.   I don't care who is running for what office, and what their plans are for kissing babies and wearing suits.  

The absolute truth is our votes don't matter.   Me not voting did not change the course of History, and those who did vote did not either.   In a numbers game I would argue if you are a person who can get 10 people to vote, and convince them to get 10 other people to vote, and so on, then maybe you are making some type of civic gesture.   Making a difference in a small, but perhaps meaningful way.

Otherwise you are not.  Propaganda will have you talk up the voting process, but absolute truth says you are just following without thinking.  Telling people you vote is like praying in Public really.   There will be no medals of Sainthood in your Future for these actions.   There are no medals once you are dead for being a good Citizen.   Chances are you aren't perfect anyway.

That is the Shit I think about.  Our beliefs are so shallow, and so grounded in silly silly shit that has been handed down for Generations.

We want something to believe in, and all we believe in is the the best Shit humans have thought up since forever.

Silence is deadly, and we all remain silent.   All unwilling to throw away the garbage that has filled us since we were kids.

This is what I did right prior to Graduating College.   As those who may have been around way back when I first wrote this I threw everything away.   All my upbringing and teaching, and everything.   Reasoning is if I was born in a racist town in the South with racist parents with only a H.S. education what would stop me from being racist??  Probably nothing, so I threw all the crap out to look at the World objectively.

That led me on the path of my life really.   Looking at Shit objectively you will see the truth.  It is for your eyes, but you CANNOT hold on to all the Shit you have held onto for your whole life.  

There are no medals for what Country you were born in, and there are no medals for damn near anything you can think up on your own.   To get points/medals or whatever you have to do a lot tougher shit than you have ever even thought up yet.  

You have to come to terms with you and your pointless life, and come to terms with how fragile you, and your future are.   Also be willing to learn stuff you probably never even thought up yet.  

A willingness to really give up the fabulous you for the hopes of finding a higher knowledge, and a more lasting wisdom, and maybe even understanding.  

I guess you can always just continue telling people you vote, or pray in public.   Wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day, and shit like that.  


Should be a busy day.  :)


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