Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Keeping My Head Out Of The Clouds...

Hello, and good morning.   How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.  I didn't sleep as late as I wanted, and that may be because I slept in yesterday.  I may be tired at work today, but maybe not too.   We'll see. 

I am really hungry right now, which is weird, because I am not always terribly hungry when I wake up.  I remembered  though I forgot to bring my lunch last night at work, and didn't eat a ton when I got home.  Also I am not having a cup of coffee, because I may want to nap a bit still. 

So, anyway I got the leaves done yesterday.  There are still more that have to fall, but the bulk of it is done, with one more round to go, once they fall. 

Other than that not too much going on with me.   I am back in the work schedule which is good for me.  A schedule is good for me.  Wanna know why??  Say I took like a weeks vacation.  It is too much.  I don't do enough productive stuff, and I feel down on myself.  Lisa isn't that way, but I am.  A schedule is good for me, and so is work.  Luckily most of the jobs I ever had were active jobs.  Me being on my feet actually doing stuff. 

So maybe some silly personal stuff about me.   I am sorta anti-social these days.   I don't want to go out, and do the same things I have always done.   I am content to stay at home when I have time off.  I don't know if that is aging, or what.   I think of all the things I've ever done throughout my life, and it all seems boring.  

About the only thing I want to do is work.  Hopefully be healthy and maybe even have my first good running year in several years, and then just hang out at home.   I don't particularly want to travel, because there is nothing in the World I feel I want to see. 

I don't know if that sounds sad or not.  It shouldn't because I am glad about how I feel.   I feel content just with how I am.   I know typically life is a look over your shoulder, what am I missing type thing, and that is how I am different.   I am missing nothing.  

Maybe that is a way I am different too.   We seek inside ourselves what makes us up.  Battle ourselves and stuff, and I can only marvel at how I feel, and how I am the way I am. 

Anyway, just a little update.   A blog about me.   I guess this is what I do.  :)


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