Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Taco Monday!!

We had tacos last night.  :)  I love tacos.  Mondays are Mondays, and sometimes they suck.  Yesterday wasn't bad, because I slept in, worked my 8 hours.  I felt like I did a lot at work, so that is good.  Some Mondays I feel like I go through the motion, and yesterday, I felt I did a lot, so that was good. 

Lisa has Mondays off, and I plan on no running on Monday.  My legs felt good yesterday, and I could have run, but I have a plan of running Tues, Wed, and Thursday, and Saturday and Sunday.  I know myself well enough that when I am healthy, and beginning to train, I can run more than 5 days, but playing it safe this time.  I also am not going to do as much biking as I may have done in the past.  Only reason is my big biking day was always Sunday, and now my long run is Sunday.  I decided to continue working Saturdays, because the money is good.  :) 

Not a lot going on with me, and I am excited to start training again.  I feel like I am mentally prepared to train too.  Embrace the hard stuff is my new mantra.  Maybe that is how we should all be with life.  Life has a lot of hard stuff, and it is shit we have to deal with.  There are no escapes.  You can't sleep, eat, drug away stress.  You cannot exercise away stress either, so life is life.  We all have shit to deal with here and there, and when your time comes to deal with shit don't pretend it isn't there.  You have to be strong to do that shit, because for some fucking reason we want everyone to think we got our shit together, and we don't always.  One thing about life you can guarantee is shit will happen. 

So with that I say,  I am on the path to getting in shape.  As part of marathon training comes some races along the way too, and I am excited about those. 

Here is to a good summer.   :)

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Love You All!!!    :)))

p.s.  It feels good to be back in the game.   :D

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