Friday, June 1, 2012

Some Things I Know...

One of the things I know is my coffee is done, and I am going to get some.  brb.  :)

Anyway some of the things I know is what is inside us.  Imperfection is what is inside us all, and we want to be good and decent people, but we fail more often than we succeed probably.  We are selfish people, and we are weak too.  Weak in the sense we only want to show people what we think is our good side.  Who are the strong and courageous ones who will show you their less than good side??  Not many huh??  When a bright light comes, and opens up your eyes to who you are guess what??  You will not like everything about you. 

Wanna know why??  You have some weird and fucked up conception of what a good and decent person is, and you fail to live up to that.  Your conception is ever changing too. Oh look, there is a person on a diet of eating pine needles and drinking rain water.  They seem like a real nice person, and they can run fast, I think I wanna try that.  Look how skinny they are??  Who knows what kind of shit we have seen, that we try to emulate. 

I said before the world is backwards, and so are we.  We are meant to be truthful and honest people, and the only way to do that is to look inside ourselves.  Your life isn't Hitler did this so I am good.  Nope your life is you.  That is it, you...  Are you uncomfortable yet?? 

If you are going about trying to be a perfect person, and trying to show only your good side you are wasting everyone's time including your own.  Life and truth, and all those good things are a bitch.  Wanna know why??  Because we all are imperfect, and we all are awesomely great at being pretty shitty people at times. 

Being strong and honest is fucking hard, because you are showing and letting people know,  yeah...  I suck.  I mean we are human, so we shit,  straight guys are staring at girls asses, and who knows what else? 

Being strong is having the ability to let people see the real you.  That is not something that is very easy, and you definitely need help with that, and also you need support with that too, because what if you showed the whole world how miserable and horrible you are in parts, and no one said anything?? 

The true shit about life is not a spectator sport, it is something to be active in. 

Let your hair down and show people hey,  I am not fucking perfect, but I have the courage to show, and let you know. 

Later all.  :)

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GoBigGreen said...

AMEN to this post!!!