Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Must Be A Homebody...

As time goes on and on, I think I am somebody who likes to be at home.  At the end of my workday I am always pretty excited about just being home, and relaxing.  I guess it is where I am most comfortable.  Although, I have always felt comfortable sitting at a bar too.  :) 

You know how some people can just sit at a beach and do nothing all day??  That is not me.  Lisa can do that, but that is not my makeup at all.  As time goes on I realize I like my routine.  I am not a big fan of vacations, because I tend to get lazy.  :)  I love waking up really early like today.  I love getting a workout in before work if I am able.  I was going to go do a beer run thing tonight, but already I am planning on running 6 mile before work, and when work is done, I am done... except for a few errands.  I have to get inserts for my running shoes.  Time to break open my other new pair.  It is about time.  Also need a haircut, and maybe stop for something for dinner.  Lisa will be closing.  That is nice though...  workout, work, and then done for the rest of the day.  Oh, and btw I leave work usually about 1 or 2 in the afternoon.  Kinda nice huh???   specially in the Summer.  :)

You know what I think people's hang ups are??  I think they are afraid of their dark stuff, and you know what.  Our dark stuff really isn't that dark.  In our own minds we think it is dark, but that is because we are afraid of what people might think.  Look at what Tiger Woods went through.  Remember how great everyone thought he was, and then what was he guilty of??  Having sex with hot girls.  Guys probably do that in their minds several times each week.  He cheated on his wife, and he isn't the first or last person to do that.  It is shit we probably know is "wrong" but people still do it anyway. 

Just yesterday at work there was a pretty girl who had a great figure, and I was WOAH!!!   I was in an aisle where she was standing, and kept glancing over at her.  I mean she was really attractive.  She knew it too.  As she was walking away she glanced back at me to see if I was watching her...  nope.  :)   I lucked out.  :)   Life is made up of that type of shit.  Lisa knows I look at that stuff, and she does the same fucking thing.  Pretty girls probably like to be looked at is my guess.  God knows they spend enough time clothes shopping.   :) 

Have a good one all.  I think sometimes people take life way too seriously.  Life has some serious stuff, but only because people make it so.  Life really is just this stupid ass thing we do, while everyone else pretends it is important to wear suits. 


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Julie Vasold said...

I'm a homebody too. :-)