Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One Thing I Know...

So yesterday was just another day.  Not much going on.  I had to work.  I biked to work and back.  I was running that evening, and I was pretty excited about it.  Mentally I feel I am in a better spot than where I have been in a while.  You know my blog is called the wait, so maybe it is a good thing to keep going.  Do you sometimes just think you have woken up from a period of time with a cleaner, clearer view of life??  That is how I feel.

Now yesterday was a gorgeous day, and I doubt there will be many any better.  Not too hot,  a nice breeze, and full sun.  Some guy who has run with our group here and there, and is my speed many times.  During speed work he'd run with whoever else I was running with, he lost his Dad yesterday morning.   The one thing I know is he could not enjoy that day.  No run was going to help him feel better, and now I know he has at least one full year of some hard times ahead.  There will be times where a song will hit him, and the memories will come flowing.  I thought about that at break at work...  Doesn't it suck that life is full of that crap??

I was thinking too on my ride home, that this is just a great day, and he won't enjoy it.  I think that is one of the things of life.  We get all giddy over ourselves from all these best laid plans we make, and you know life still happens.  You've done everything right in your own mind.  You think you have created this great life, and what happens if one day you wake up, and your world just crumbled.  How do you deal then??  Some people are so private, and it drives me bonkers sometimes.  Like God forbid if someone didn't think I am as fabulous as I think they think I am.

Even our view of how we think people think we are is flawed.  Like I have said before, we ain't that fucking great.  If you are in some kind of idol worship thing then that is flawed too.  We all have the same ending, and no matter how high you rise in society you will end in the same place as the fabulous.  In that way life is very much about us. 

Oh well, just some thoughts about stuff.  :)

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p.s.  I am fricken hungry.  When I run, I eat like a fricken rabbit after for some reason.  When I bike I can't eat enough.  I suspect most are like that.  

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