Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Changes...

Hold on, I am going to get me some coffee...  Well, as you may know, I had a little problem with the living arrangements here.  Hailey, had boyfriend.  Hailey wanted boyfriend to live here I guess.  Boyfriend doesn't show any initiative to get a job, Ughhhh, not in this house.  So she made a decision to go live with the other side of her family.  The Dad's side.  I view it as a plus plus.  They both need to grow up, and start doing life stuff you know??  Cannot cling to Mom forever.  At 21 and 22, you have to act older than 12.  At 12 I know we all knew everything, or were pretty close.  By 21-22 people should be asking questions, and doing stuff you would think.  Can't do nothing your whole life right??

So they are gone.  Living in poor living arrangements to find their way on this thing called life.  At some point in time you have to let people make their own mistakes.  We've all done it.  Hit their own bottoms you know??   to find your way out.  Also a plus on Hailey being over there is there is health problems on 3 people there.  One will be dying of Cancer pretty quickly, and the Grandmother and her husband are having really bad Diabetes issues.  Foot sore issues and stuff, so you know the circulation is real bad.  I always have faith in the direction people go, because I feel life has a way of teaching you, and of guiding you.  There are hard days, and hard sections of life, but I feel, (know) they can be used for good and for a reason.  Like I said in many ways our Journeys are solo.  The scales of justice don't have Hitler on one side to make you look favorable.  The scales of justice are just about you.  Throughout life we all fail. 

As this goes on, Lisa and I are pretty excited though.  This house seems so fricken big now.  :)  4 bedrooms, and Lisa and I sleep in one.  :)   Hailey's friend might be moving back home too, because the problem brother I guess has decided he should probably grow up, and do the j-o-b thing, and quit being an ass to his family.  You know even the roughest seeming characters have feelings, and probably wish they weren't always a burden and an ass. 

So life goes on.  It isn't always peaches and cream.  No matter all your plans and all your schemes, shit happens, and ugly crap pops up here and there.  I mean we cannot pretend there aren't wars, and bank fees, and late charges, and taxes, and bailouts, and crimes are committed, and on and on and on.  Life goes on, and stuff happens.  Even Khien had to learn some things of life so he could escape his jail, while imprisoned by the North Vietnamese.  He then came to a little town in Illinois.  Bloomington/Normal.  He taught me there is honor in being the best in the world at just stripping and waxing floors.  :)

We should not strive to be the richest, but maybe strive to be the best... at whatever we do. 

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p.s.  Gave it my all on speed work last night.  My last up, my quads had no pick up at all.  They could not go any faster.  Spent.  With warm ups and cool downs it would have been 9 miles give or take, but I walked the last mile.  Legs spent.   Running again tonight.  :)   Embracing the hard stuff.  :)

Love You All   xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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Extras of these   xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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