Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just Glamming The Hell Out of Another Saturday.

Yeah, there is not much to me, and another Saturday.  There were no great things I did yesterday.  I never did take Hope for a run.  I worked for like 6.5 hours.  I then treated myself to lunch, and that was for a couple reasons.  First, I had nothing to do, and nothing I wanted to do, and I was hungry.  :)  Also Lisa was working til like 2:00, and then she was traveling after to a Big nursery Northeast of us.  So it was going to be a solo day anyway. 

Perhaps the most important part of the day... (maybe not important)...  I was sitting in our breeze way, enjoying a drink and listening to music, and watching the wind blow the leaves on the trees.  It made me think of my life, and stuff in my life, and stuff no longer in my life.  You see, I have a life, and it goes on.  It isn't anything fabulous or remotely fabulous, but it is a little something.  We all have this thing called life.  It is things that have happened to us, and that happen to us.  It isn't perfect, and we have had shit happen to us, and you know what??  You cannot be perfect, and you cannot pretend to be perfect without seeming fake.  Something we all have in common. 

So we have been reading books, and being taught by teachers etc... that we are good.  We need to be confident in ourselves, and have good self esteem, and you know what the really first step of good self esteem is??  I suck.  All that is true and all that is honest is the step to making us better people.  Strength in a person comes not from what you want to show people, but daring to take a look inside.  You know we all have secrets and shit.  What is the percentage of guys who check out porn on the internets??  I have no idea, but I bet it is high.  We are pretty gross.   :)  I don't know what girls secrets are, besides they talk about some stupid stupid shit.  :)  

We all have impure thoughts, and stuff we pretend isn't there, but it is.  All that shit is real, and all that stuff is about us.  The realest part of us, is the stuff that is inside us.  I have a feeling it takes courage to look at, and I am sure you don't want many people to know your secrets.  The thing about all our lives is we have, and continue to fuck all kindsa things up, 

I guess what I think is important is to embrace your inner asshole.  We poop, just like babies do, and all kindsa other gross shit.  We can have nice clothes, but that is just masking who we really are. 

Later.  :)

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