Friday, June 8, 2012

Have Blog... Must Write...

Surprisingly I am up.  I went to bed a little later than normal.  I also haven't blogged in a couple or few days either.  Weird for me...  My blog has made a few changes too, which is weird for me too, but one thing is pretty constant.  No matter how I feel about anything, I can always shrink into the strength of me.  If I tend to get to feeling like people don't like me etc... I can walk away from damn near anything.  I throw myself out there, and I let you know how I think, and many times how just an average guy thinks, and if I feel judged or anything, I can shrink back into the strength that is me.  One that says, I know what I have been through, and I know who I am, and I'll take my damn shell off from time to time, to show you the less than perfect me, and if you don't trust me after I have been doing this so long,  Buhhhh Byyeeeee.   Without trust you got nothing, and like I said before I don't have to do this.

In some ways you can look at me as one of us all.  A less than perfect being.  I am one with flaws etc...  We all have them.  I am pretty in tune with the flaws of a typical male.  ( straight or gay, cuz I got friends that are both).  Women I don't totally understand... but what you should never underestimate is I always come back strong.  Strong as in honest,  strong as I can support those that want/need it, but if you don't trust me, when I have showed you everything, than I can walk away from anyone.  Don't ever doubt that.  In other words we all have issues.  Worry about your own fucking issues not mine.  I'll let you know mine when they come out, if there are any.

So anyway, I guess I have been going through a bit of one of those times where I was like screw this dumb ass blog, and screw the damn bloggers.  I don't need 'em.   :)

Life goes on though, and I am having a pretty good running week, and it looks like I have a new schedule.  Tuesday trail + hilly run.  Wednesday speed work, and Thursday the 6.55 mile route.  That leaves my Thursday = Friday as a non do.  :(  I do want to run long on Sunday this year though.  I like working the Saturday hours.  I am hoping Ganzi's group still does that.  I can run to and from work on Saturday, or something,  and do my long one on Sunday.  That will work best for me I think.

Not much else to talk about really.  I made the points I wanted to make.  Without trust you got nothing.  As the truth of all of us comes to the surface... accept it.  Accept your weaknesses, and the imperfections you cannot change.  It is all part of our own truth, and one we will have to be strong to accept, although it may make us feel not so great.

That is it for today!!!   :)

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