Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Do you ever have the Diplomacy issue??  Now Diplomats you can just picture wearing nice suits, and nicely tailored uniforms.  They have to say the right thing.  Diplomacy is just an act of not being open, and perhaps not being honest. A Diplomat has stresses to look right.  He/She needs to look the part, and a lot of pressure to not say the wrong thing.  As a person I think full out honesty, and full out truthfulness works better, than our view of how we want to manipulate events.  Diplomats and World Leaders are just manipulators of events.  They go in the direction of their best intentions.  Sometimes it is of A Nixon/Kissinger- 2 man Foreign Policy, where Nixon didn't care how many of those little Asians he killed in bombing.  

Countries are all full of a lot of bad information.  As I get older and I look at things differently I think in my youth I was dumb.  Not that I am smart mind you, but I think of all the things in life I did that now I think was stupid.  Ever buying a new car was dumb.  I have had my ugly ass white truck for like 10 years or so.  It is a piece of shit, but gets me from point A to point B.  I bought it for like $2100.  In my youth I believed hard work pays off.  I did the College thing, I worked hard, and went through my crap I went through, and found a good job.  I was not going to let anyone out work me.  I was going to put a lot of effort, and watch all the money roll in.  The illusion left after 10 years.  Job start getting harder and harder, and the little piece of the pie I get for being profitable was getting smaller and smaller.  So much to an extent I would have a significantly more profitable dept. and the bonus would be significantly smaller.  That is an incentive kill.  My first trip to Hawaii I came in at a whopping 217 lbs. and that Summer I was down to 167 or so. I realized there is more to life, and I was unhappy in my job, so I stepped down.  It crushed us financially, because we had a lot of debt, because we needed all the gadgets, and I didn't worry about debt at first, because my bonuses were going to be huge....  ooops.  We eventually learned our lessons  Even though we had financial difficulties it didn't put danger on the marriage at all.  Between Lisa and I we just dealt with it.  We still went to dinners and had fun. 

Mostly Lisa and my disagreements happened with flare ups with people living here.  Lisa and I have worked together since we have been together.  I don't get people who want to do nothing with their lives.  What the Hell is that??? 

Well anyway we ran 6.5+ miles last night with Jerry and Ken.  It was gross, and hot, and nasty, and we walked some.  Ken is the oldest, and was not enjoying himself.  Jerry and I are coming off a couple weeks of 35 miles or so, I was o.k. at the end.  Our bodies have to acclimate to this junk.  Last night helped.  Tonight will be ugly again.  :) 

Afterwards we sat outside.  Lisa cooked dinner on the grill.  I had a couple drinks, and that was pretty o.k.  A little run, and little dinner, and some chill time.  I'll take it.  :)

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