Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thinking Out Loud So To Speak!!

I was thinking this morning, I put in a lot of time blogging, and reading, and commenting on blogs.  I lost another reader, and she was one of the bloggers who I had a very high percentage comment rate on.  If she pours out her soul, and lets everything out, I am surely not going to let that go without comment.  Isn't that what we do??  Unload whatever is in us??  If she does that, I am not going to let that go without comment.  People want support when they do that stuff.  As is was the case  :)    with others, comments don't have to be published.  I made mistakes too, and I was trying to build people up, but that came at an expense.  I wanted to let people know I thought about them, and it made others think I didn't think about them.  What a complete idiot I am .  :)

Anyway as mentioned yesterday, I did my speed work early.  I did a 2.3 mile warm up, it was around 9:10 pace I think.  I wore shorts.  :)   I also did my 4-1.27 mile repeats with 2 minute rest.  I don't think I went very fast.  I guess I'd like to have gone at a 10K pace, but I think I was at a 15K pace.  My legs just weren't really moving that fast, and mentally I had to keep myself from just coasting.  That was weird.  I ended up at 7:39 7:44  7:44  7:39 pace.  It really almost amounted to 4 10:00 runs, or just a bit under I'd say.  It was an easy pace, and my legs aren't sore, and I can probably get a run in today.  Kinda weird, usually after speed day I am toast.  I'd say I am definitely getting stronger, just need to work on speed. 

thinking thinking, and there is nothing left.  :)   cya.   :)

Oh, I made a dinner too, and relaxed with @ Lisa.  She read/slept on the hammock.  :)  lol

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Christi said...

Greaet speed workout! I can't wait until I get my numbers up near those times!