Monday, March 28, 2011

Something New

I think I have retired from running races.  It happened last night.  I told Lisa.  I really have no goals in running.  I have completed 5 marathons, and that is good enough for me.  You wonder what am I going to pass the time with??  Good question.  I think I may still do biking, and I may run here and there, but not really sure if I want to do any races.  You know how I am too, I like spending time with my wife.  Never been an issue for me.  I may read more, not really sure.

You want to know what did it for me??  I was going to go on a semi long run on Saturday.  I quit after running 10 minutes, because it was boring.  I am also battling a bit of an injury too, which is annoying.  You know what is exciting??  Not sure what I will be spending my time doing.  Stuff around the house??  I have just opened up a whole new world, just not sure what that world is. 

I almost undid my twitterfeed to FB too.  You want to know why??  For fear of shoving this thing down people's faces.  People can choose to do what they want though right??  Jen Gray's goes to her FB, so I have no problem following her.  She is Jen Gray after all, and people can read or not.  I could care less. 

I do want to explain something, because sometimes people don't understand.  When I put a title like I love Doreen.  I tell Lisa.  She gets it.  She isn't jealous or anything like that.  I don't know if that is an issue for anyone.  Maybe... perhaps. 

I tell Lisa stuff.  Things I think are weird.  I share different stuff with her, than I do with you. 

This is a horrible update I know.  I'll tell you something though.  I almost don't want to update. 

That is it for today!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

That is all I got.  :)


sugarleg said...

hang in there Steve. sounds like you just need a little break.and I never think it is a bad idea to circle your wagons electronically especially.

yoga?? very calming too.

Nancy said...

When a person does something for the sheer enjoyment of it, it is something you look forward to. Once it starts to feel like a chore, the level of enjoyment lowers. That is the ideal time to take break and try something new. Being in a rut is not fun, you know what I mean by that... Take the time to try plenty of new things and see if there is another talent you have not tapped into yet.

Enjoy the down time :)