Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Things You Learn

So anyway last night my Dad called. We were talking about all kinds of things really.  I learned-relearned something.  If I knew this before it was definitely during my childhood I believe.  Due to my Dad's mom having 8 kids in 11 years he had to stay in an orphanage for like 4 years or so.  Hmmmmm!!  I don't remember it.  You know what he said??  He said it was good for him.  He got to play with other kids, play sports, meet all kinds of different people.  I know my Dad stepped up to his Dad at 15.  From what I understand it is the last time his Dad threatened him.  As you know my Dad was the only one of the family to get a College degree, and living a long life.  He can be a dick, but still some good shit there.  Not making any childhood excuses for how he is you know???  Overcoming that shit and living life.  Not gonna die a millionaire, but who cares right??   I mean those who lived in the Weimar Republic were all millionaires, but could only buy a loaf of bread for their million bucks right??  Screw it.  Other shit to life right??? 

Anywaayyyyyy.  I am inpatient.  I tried I tried I tried I tried to hold off getting my pool membership.  I wanted to buy a year at a severe discount, but I opted to buy a 3 month pass.  It is cheap.  Only $90 some bucks, but I wanted to swim swim swim.  It was a big part to my successful year, and I want to get going with my training.  More swimming.  Swimming isn't just swimming either, it is biking, and also core and strength work.  It is adding a nice amount of workouts to a Monday where there may not have been much before.  On this day I was able to add a bike to work, bike to swim, bike at the aquatic center, and a bike home.  Swimming I just did some 50's and 100's.  Holy crap no one knows how out of swimming shape they are unless they try to swim in this body.  ahahahahahaaaaa!!!   Holy crap, am I out of swimming shape.  It is amazing to me when I was swimming a lot, I could just go forever.  I gots me some building to do again.  That is all fun though, so what the heck.  I'll eventually get back up to swimming 3-4 times each week too.  I'd go today, but I am sore from swimming and pull ups.  More pull ups yesterday. 

We got some snow today, so I think I will do a quick walk to work, so that means I gots to get going.  I like to throw names on here, so Nancy O' Toole had a bit of a hard time this week.  Poor girl.  I can just picture her.  School, work, car stress.  Enough to take it out on you, but she will battle through.  Life is full of those curve balls, we are better off when we get on the other end.  She is a strong strong strong girl, so I know she'll be fine. 

I read a couple more posts from Ironmin.  She is freaking funny.  I'll throw a link to her.  You should check her out, if you haven't already. Julia from GoBigGreen is funny too. 

You know what is motivating???  When you see people who struggle with stuff, but they battle through.  Who does more than JPH???  None of us are perfect, we all have to battle crap.  It is when we fail, but still get back up where we are at our best.  Those may be the times when we don't feel our best though.

Ahhhhhhhh My weird blog!!!  ahahahahahahaaaaaaa!!!

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p.s.  Runnin on the snowmelt tonight.  YIPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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Like to throw extra of these for my Welsh friends.  They is funny!!!   :)  xxxxxxxxx

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