Sunday, February 13, 2011

Got A Run In

Wow, there is a lot on my mind right now.  :)   Look Out!!!   :))  Let's see what happens.  First off Jules and Doreen haven't made this sucker in a while, and I wanna throw a big ole SMOOCH at'em.  :)  smoochie smoochie!!  :)  lol. 

First off  (lol I am a nut)  I did get a run in like the title suggests.  My back wasn't 100%, but I gave it a try anyway.  It went without a hitch.  I missed the running group, as I guess they started at 7:30.  I did see Gayle, Kristen, and Jerry as they were heading back though.  I said hi to em, and talked for a bit.  Going running on Tuesday with Jerry again.  We are going early though.  Like 6:00.  I guess lil Cathy got a 16 miler in with no sleep due to her kid being sick.  UGH!!  Our route is a hilly one too, so that was that. 

I ended up just under 7 miles @9:37 pace I think.  I kicked it a bit the last mile or so too, but the way back was really against a pretty stiff wind.  I thought my pace would be better though.  I wasn't running hard, but just saying.  I thought of only doing 6, but the 7 miler turn around is all up hill from the 6 turnaround, and then downhill a bit.  After the downhill I turned around, and had to climb that steep hill again.  I went for a little more challenging and a little more longer.  My legs felt great, as you can well imagine.  My miles are pretty low due to injury and what not.  I'll do the best I can though, and I think things will look up, with more biking, and swimming added. 

Well that was an unexpected surprise.  :D  :D 

So anyway not sure if you want to read all about the day to day.  I like reading that shit, but there is more on my mind.  Something happened at work geeeeeeez I don't even know when.  Before the Journey ended.  Hidden, only seen and known by me.  It is why I thought day after Thanksgiving was the day, and at work.   It really was a type of my final suffering... what will happen.  Man there is a lot on my mind, I think it is scary shit though.  Not sure if you want to know it.  Although I think the posts before yesterday were a bit scary.  I think it is easy to understand what I write, and I can put pieces together.  You see what is written is a sword, only used for judgment.  Good and bad, and there is only one who can get the good out of it, without judgment.  That is why it says he who lives by the sword...  So we do stand naked.  See this is the shit I don't like saying, because I think it is freaking scary.  I have been on the wrong side of feeling on the right side of things for a long time, it isn't a big deal anymore.  I think the path is easier if we just do the simple yet hard things asked.  Whatever that is.  It is your journey, and your thoughts, and I surely don't know what they are. 

Here is the thing too, you help others along.  You will do some tough things so others you care about get brought along.  You see it is a tree with branches.  You do your stuff, and more branches grow off.  Like I said before you do it for you, but also for others.  You also may have to take some stuff from others like I did. 

Now I don't always look at pictures, but sometimes.  I saw the picture of Charisa on her latest blog entry.  I see sadness in that picture.  What the story is I don't know.  Today she tries for a sub: 18:00 in a 5K.  Ummmm what????   #OUCH   :)

I always see updates, but don't always respond.  I love Jen H's 16 mile run, swim set, and dinner overlooking the mountains.  There better have been some wine involved, because that would have been perfect.  :)  I also see Barb's snow-wind update.  I love that shit.  Sounds like a fun horrible day.  :)  lol. 

Anyway the big surprise is I am unblocked from ayuromixed (Olga)  now.  I follow her.  I follow Ironmin too.  I don't think she tweets much, but don't care.  One other thought I had, and I think this might be true.  I think trapped inside me is something that makes your journey easier.  Like I said I have the best and the worst in me, and the one who overcame centuries ago assures me of victory, and he can make good of all.  Overlooked by the one who keeps my heart pure.  :)  Piece of cake.  :) 

That is it for today!!!   :)

Thanks for reading!!!   :)

Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!  :)

xo's!!!   :)

Love You All!!!   :)

p.s. the Bulls are freaking good this year.  WOWWWW!!!   Also going to put $40 longggggggg on the White Sox this year.  :))

Love You All !!!   xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

You all are the best!!!   xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Like to throw extra of these for my Welsh friends.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Now for really really cya cya cya!!!!   :))))

runnninnnnnnnnnn todayyyyyy, and making @ Lisa a nice Sunday dinner.  LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLL!!!!   :))


Carol said...

We want to know plus if u hold it all in and don't get it off ur chest will make u an even angrier man plus I like reading ur stuff
Ps my word that I had to put before it would show my comment was cryst almost the same one spelt different so yep think u should tell us

Christi said...

Congrats on a great run!