Sunday, February 20, 2011

How You Like Me Now...

Well, I have nothing for a title, but thought that would work o.k.  Let's go the directly honest approach.  Nah, I won't do that.  A lot of you still cannot handle that.  I wish I had do overs.  I love all my FB friends, but I sent out 3 friend requests this week in a drunken stupidity thing, if I had the chance to do it again I wouldn't have sent them out.  Don't really like them... now.   :)  luckily they didn't accept.  :)

I do have a new friend, and she is a blogger/ commenter extraordinaire.  :)  She knows who she is.   :)   Thanks.  :)

I was thinking yesterday of an earlier post.  Of how I deleted FB friends, because I don't think they paid attention to my blog.  I would show everything, and no one paid attention, and some even paid anti-attention.  I gave all of myself, and got nothing in return.  Now some of the FB friend delete was cause people were never on so it didn't matter.  Some were real friends, who I though hmmmm,  I guess they don't care.  You know when Hank Haringsma was moving away I was the only person who came to hang out with him.  He moved to Boston, and now as far as I know he is in California somewhere.  Just me and his brother.  What the fuck??  As far as me deleting Charity, she was never on so it didn't matter.  They didn't have a computer, obviously she is one of my best friends along with her hubby Beau, and if it is not winter we see each other almost every weekend anyway.  

How did I start???  Why Beth, Barb, Audrey, and Becky??  kinda weird huh???  Those 4 I have been commenting on a lot for what a couple years.  Almost every single post they posted.  What does that mean??  I don't know.  I have others now too.  I am glad.

You want to know what I see??  I see bloggers when they open up their soul for all to see, they get comments.  They put their shit out for all to see, and bloggers come through.  talk talk talk via comments.  That shit is great.  So yeah bloggers are fucking great.  My friends I hang out with are fucking great too, because they are honest like that.  :)  Let their shit out for all to see.

So yeah that is kinda weird huh.  Remember Gina said why are you deleting people love you???  Sure didn't seem that way did it??  Why when I show you my stuff did you pretend you didn't see???  Life is fun and games huh??? but not all the time is it??  I mean we all are going to die, and that at least should pop in our minds once in a while.  I don't understand how if you like me, and I struggle with something you ignore.  Why??  Am I weird, because that is something I wouldn't do to you???

Anyway I would like to give a big shout out to Kristi DeMarois Cox.  That bitch is real.  :)  She is smart, but doesn't pretend to be, she is honest, is cute, and pretty,  yet insecure.  Not pretentious, and just fucking real.  I love that.  Real like the people I hang out with.  Hey spring is just around the corner too, so there will be cookouts, beach volleyball, boating, drinking, everything.  February has been pretty nice with all the sun and stuff. 

I guess it hurt kinda when I showed my stuff, but no one said a damn thing.   

Some people hide so much shit it is hard to tell what is going on.  Weird.  

Then again I have been doing this a while.  Really weird that Gina said that thing though.  She tried to stop me from deleting, because she thought people liked me.  I really did not understand that at all.  I mean some were just the non-actives who were still friends, but some I wanted input, and it surprised me I got none.  None.  weird, because it would have made things easier.  

That is it for today.  :)

Thanks, but I guess only a few read.   :)

Ha Ha Ha !!!   

The 3 who I friend requested who I want takebacks from are blah!!!  

so hoity toity in your fake little world.  blah blah blah

Love the rest o' yas.  :)

Honest I do.  :)

cya, tomorrow will be a different day.  :)

betcha the regular signature line comes out to play too.  :)

cya!!!   :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, a Kristi shout out. shock of all shocks

Christi said...

I don't know what you went through but I am sorry that you had to go through it. I am also sorry that not everyone was there for you.

Putting your feelings out to the world is not easy to do. So congrats to you for being brave enough to do it!

Carol said...

Yes death does happen but u wanna know what I don't know how to deal with it never have and probably never will I understand u have to have life and death as well but will never know how to deal with it just found out well in my mind my real father that gave me life is either dying or has died I hate him yes I said it HATE him he abanded me when I was little so I hate him for it but he may be dying and I don't know how to deal with it and so u know yes I am crying while I write this but hey that's life. Now u know something bout me don't like death yes it happens but don't know how to deal with it tnx for listening.