Friday, December 6, 2013

Well Today Is Starting Out Pretty Strange.

Good Morning All.  How's it going??  Me, I am surprisingly doing pretty well.  My sleep is way jacked, and that is why today is strange.   I woke up wide awake at midnight, and watched 3 movies, so I thought I would be sleeping now, but I cannot sleep.   Also I feel really good for some reason.  So that is good.  

Anyhoo, what is going on with me??   Not much.   I think of many things, and I let you in on a lot.   Some is pretty strange I bet, and I think one of the strange things about me is the way I am different.   The way I have been different for a long time, and part of the reason is it is invisible.   You can not see inside yourself like I can see inside me I bet, and you can not feel what I feel.   The inner part of you is hard to get to I bet, and that may be for many reasons.  There is the way we want to appear to others.   There are the things we think about, that we think we probably shouldn't.  There are things inside us we probably wish wasn't there like anger, and hate, and maybe jealousy, and things like that. 

If you could just empty yourself of all the noise and garbage that pollutes us, what would be inside you??   What would you feel??   What things are you ashamed of??   Who broke your heart??  What things about your life are disappointing??   You know??  What parts of the happily ever after are not really there?? 

I know I put tough things on this blog, and here is something about me.   I have no agenda with this blog.   It isn't mine really you know??  I wake up and tell you what is on my mind.  A lot of times what is on my mind is my life.   My past, and the things that shaped me.  What really shaped me though is the thing I have been saying forever.  I could never have made me who I am now.  I am not ashamed of me, and I am not afraid of me.   I am not afraid to show my anger if I am mad, and I never really feel ashamed of anything I do.  

I have been given a confidence and a strength that is not my own.  I am a different person today than who I would be if I did not do the things I do. 

I am very very very lucky, and I guess in my heart is to help lead you in the right ways.   To take you along on this unforgettable, and fulfilling journey, that is worth everything you could ever want. 

Why is it hard??  Cuz you cannot see what I see, and you cannot feel what I feel.  That which we see, and that which we know is seemingly safer than that which we don't see. 

A blind step of faith I guess is what people are supposed to do, and it is totally the path less traveled.  It is the only correct path, and you know what??   I am really surprised I feel this good today. 

Anyway it is Friday.  I work tonight, and I tell you what I had a very productive 6 day work stretch before my last two days off.   I feel good about that too.   :)

Anyway,   I guess that is it.   Have a good one all.   :)   xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo   MWAH!!!    :))

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