Thursday, December 12, 2013

So Much Is Not Seen, and So Much Is Not Known...

That is one thing I learned a long time ago.   Communication in life is way less than perfect that is for sure.   How what we do affects others many times is not known.   We don't know the hurt and heartaches we cause.   People many times internalize things. 

I know one time, and this was wayyyy long ago, I caught a glimpse of my life up to that point.   It went through me like a blur, and you know what I saw??   I didn't see any great accomplishments, or milestones, or any of the good stuff  I may have done.   I saw how I hurt people.  I saw how some of my actions may have caused some people to become worse people than if I was better to them, and a better person.   It is that type of stuff that is looked at.   It is that type of stuff we have absolutely no idea about. 

That is the sword that judges too.   Our past actions.   All the stuff that is hidden from our view, and all the stuff we had no idea.   We are imperfect people with imperfect hearts.   We are not nice to all people, and we are not always supportive, and always giving, and not able to always be a comfort to those in pain.  

Life has a lot of stuff to it, and much of it is not good, and no matter how hard we try, we just cannot make ourselves good people.   We are too weak.  Our hearts don't care. 

These are some of the things you will have to look at.   All our deeds are open, and within view, but not to us.  We don't see all these things, although they are seen.   We don't remember all the things we may have done, although they are remembered. 

You are born on this Earth and there is no escaping it.  You have lived a life, and it is  far from perfect.   I give you a way to be on the right path.  There is only one way to get to the good stuff, and that is the path.   Do you want the World, and all the glory you "feel" you may achieve, or do you want to go the true, and right way, that teaches you about life, and you, and the World, and your place in it?? 

You were always given free will to choose your direction.  You just didn't know you might have to do stuff seemingly as tough as those 12 did you??   You didn't know you would have to deny yourself and take up the cross did you?    Isn't that what it says?? 

The path is a path of forgiveness.   To look at our whole life, and feel remorse for how imperfect we are, and how we have hurt others.   It is a path to show us our weakness, because when we get in tune with our weakness it is only then we can become strong.  

It is an upside down World, and I have been going on.   It is your life and your choice, but you know all that is at stake.  

I know I know I bring a tough message.   I have known these things for a long time, and you may think my final thing I knew I had to do I want to do for noble reasons, but it was for selfish reasons.   I wanted it all.   Twice though I had to lay down my life with no hope.  I did not have the strength for that, but my heart was strengthened at the right time to do what needed to be done.   It surely wasn't me.   Once again I will have to go up against the judges.   I will be judged, and doomed, and go where there is no hope. 

That is my path, and that is my journey, and that is always always what I have been about since the early 90's. 

We will see who will come with.  

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p.s.  I think I may try to run today with the Hopester.   I didn't feel any knee pain when I got out of bed. 

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