Saturday, December 14, 2013

I Slept In...

Hey good morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.   I slept in this morning.  I didn't go into the grocer to work last night.   I went to my new job, and was tired.   I didn't sleep enough yesterday, so I stayed home, listened to music, and had a couple of drinks.   I am thinking of running in the snow today, but my knee is a bit off, so maybe I'll just take the hopester for a walk.   I may try to run, oh crap look at the time.  

Never mind.   I will be going to see the Hobbit in a while.  Crap,  I will have to rush this.  

Soooo, what is going on with me??   Not much at all.   What is on my mind??  As usual I can at anytime think of anything or anyone.  In that way I take it I am a bit different.   You hear of people who never have much on their mind a lot of the time, and I always have stuff I can think about.   It doesn't mean it is exciting or anything, but you know I always wonder.  

I know the way life goes, and I know the way life is, and I am waiting to see if anyone else will see it.   I know forever is in our hearts, and we trust the way things are.   We trust our Country, and we trust the people in power.   I mean yeah Enron happened, but that was to other people.   Yeah with a quick decision $700 Billion went to the banksters.   Yeah airline companies buy out other airline companies even though that is blatantly against the law.   At least we still put black people in jail for smoking a joint, so I guess all is good in the World.  

Life goes on though, and a lot of it is hard, and finding the truth about you and your life seems like it should be easier huh??  

If you could write down 10 things you know to be true, what would they be??  Also why do you think they are true??   You'd be surprised that much of it might just be propaganda.

Do the oil companies hire researchers to say global warming is a hoax, or do the tree huggers have an agenda??   Also wouldn't their be huge $$$ for grants to develop green technology.   $$$$ is the root to much of people's agendas, and you know that ain't always a good thing. 

I can give you something I know to be true.  Perhaps a list. 

  1. My life and my journey is real
  2. I had to suffer much as part of my journey, because that was my path.
  3. I still have to suffer some.
  4. I am different than anyone right now.
  5. Life as you know it is not life as it really is.   Much remains hidden.
  6. The best a person can be is not who you are. 
  7. The best a person can be is not who I am. 
  8. I will be the best a person can be, but that is after #3
  9. The stuff I went through in the early 90's was important. 
  10. the stuff I started way back during heimleblog was important.
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p.s.   I really need to cut my toenails.  

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