Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Aren't You Sometimes Surprised By People??

I know I am.   Part of who I am is me.   I am me.  I count on no one as part of the things I do.  I look up to no one to say I should be more like them.  I consider things people say, and don't accept it as gospel just because a person is wearing a suit, has some kind of piece of paper that says the are accredited with the proper acceptance via Society to do this and that.  To be an expert in whatever. 

I have the proper certification to discuss the things I do, but it has nothing to do with the best of the things men and women can think up that have been passed down generation to generation.  My certification comes from elsewhere.   What I have been through you cannot read in a book.  The things I have learned no one could have taught me.   My learning comes from my life.   It comes from my suffering.  It comes from really an unexpected journey. 

Ohhhh, I know in my darkest days I wanted someone to see.   I needed someone who could give me some information.  Someone who could tell me the things I should do, because I did have to suffer.   I was the only person on this lonely ride of mine.  There was no help.  Oh, I am sure there were people wearing suits spouting off some kind of info they perceived to be important.   I knew better.   The walls of society are filled with papers hanging from them saying people  are accredited to do this and that.   An expert if you will. 

You see us people will follow anyone in a suit if he or she is a smooth talker,  has the acceptance of society etc...   There really are only two paths.   The one of society and where that ends, and the path less chosen.   One leads to a good place, and the other to misery.  Welcome to the World and life 101.   You have graduated 101, and now we should be hitting the 200 and 300 level classes, but you want to remain a Freshman huh??  Free beer as you rush all the frats.   Late night drinking fun. 

You don't want to move on do you.   This is good enough for you??   Everyone is wearing the right clothes, and have the proper uniforms.   Their smiles seem genuine sorta. 

One path is the truth.   Many parts of the truth are brutal.   One is a path of lies and deception, and fake, and all the things we should strive not to be.   It should be an easy choice, and I hope this World looks ugly to you by now.   I hope you can look in the mirror, and say I want more from me.   I want to be better.   I am sick of how fake I am, and how Society makes me want to be.  

The truth is a beautiful thing with all its flaws.   Deception is an ugly thing in all the things it tries to hide.   The journey as always is one of strength and one of trust.   Hard things to do to help make you strong.   Hard things to do to help you trust.   One path leads to the light.   Where everything is exposed.  One path would rather you keep everything in the dark.   To go into the light you will need help, because you are not strong enough to go into the light.   The light scares you, because...  well because I would hope you know yourself well enough.  

Tough things to do, and you actually have to do them.  There is no waiting on the sidelines.   This is not driving from the passenger seat.   This is no Monday Morning Quarterbacking, this is you.   This is your life, and these are your decisions, and the things you must do.  

Why???   Because I had to become the worst of the worst, and that was part of the plan, because that is the story.   Not mine, but I went a certain direction. I was being pulled, and it led me to here.   It led me to this blog, and to you people.  As it so happens I was to help open your eyes.   To deeper truths, and important paths. 

I have been accredited with the proper certification for this game of life.   I wear no suit to impress you with, and as far as Society goes I am low on the hierarchy.   Pretty sure that is part of the plan too.   Why???   We trust the wrong stuff.   We put our faith in the wrong things, because we are weak.   Strength comes from a different source, and from a different avenue.   You want to grow in wisdom and strength, and things like that right?? 

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