Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why Not???

So those of you who have read this blog know it has been pretty consistent for a while.  Offers support etc...  Throwing it all away.  Not the blog, but what you have seen before is no longer there.  Why??  Why not??

There is no need we need to box ourselves in a corner.  I remember in my last blog the Journey after coming off a pretty hard time, it was really hard to get back up and start the Journey.  I did though, and I remember being absolutely sick and tired of feeling judged.  It is the worst fucking thing you can do to people, especially if they are open.  I remember I wanted to be right, but that was not the way, I was to be faithful, and really that is not following my plan, but living, and shit gets done through me not of my knowing, and not even knowing how.  I finished the Journey, and then followed up with this one here, and I knew my shit was basically all but done.

Now I have known of this one last thing I have to do, and I thought it was going to be a couple Thanksgivings ago, because that is when I was led to believe it was going to happen.  Remember my dream??  I won the race.  I was like a sperm into an egg.  A winner out of many racers.  The first one in.  In the dream I was taken somewhere where no one else can go.  I was alone though, and I was not happy about that, because I was not supposed to be alone.  So back to the old drawing board, and another year passed, and now even another.

There is a lot of stuff that needs to be done, and I don't even know the half of it.  There is so much to people, and I don't even think they scratch the surface of who they are.  Don't you want to know who you are, and more so don't you want people to know who you are??  Your hobbies and your work, and professions really are not who you are.  You are someone else.  You are a person with a silent voice.  A voice that is deep down.  It is one that is hard to hear, because the world is pretty crazy busy, but I think you should find this voice, and listen to it.  This voice has some good stuff to say, and it is the best part of you.  It is one who you will feel pretty good about yourself if you get to know it, and you let people get to know it too.  The voice is sad, because he/she is ensnared in this body that is enslaved to society, but the voice is free, and you are enslaved.

Throw away all your dogma, because that holds us back.  To throw away your dogma takes trust, and you have to have trust your life is being led in a good way.  It takes courage, because you pleasure/pain want people to see you, but don't too.  It takes courage, and trust, that this shit is good.  It is good for you, and trust trust trust.  :)

There is no signature line, because all along you didn't really need it.  You all are strong enough to stand on your own two feet.  :)

I am going to be a free person, and I think my last post just brought it home.  I am going to have fun, but if you need support I will be there, and if you show us who you are, I think that would be about the most interesting and fascinating fricken thing you could absolutely do.

Not to be a jerk, but I could give a fuck what you people eat.  :)

Later all.  :)

Luv Ya's.

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Christi said...

You are so much fun!