Sunday, May 6, 2012

Well, I am up anyway...

Well today is a day I may take off blogging.  It is one of those days where I don't have anything particular to write, but that doesn't always stop me.  Also a day where I feel like maybe taking  a day off from blogging, but what the heck. 

Not much really going on.  I am at 21 miles for the week, which is where I wanna be.  I can take the Hopester on a little 3 miler after work today, and I'll be at 24 miles, and that is perfect for me. 

In other news one of my fave people started a new blog.  Olga.  :)  It is all in Polish mostly, so I have to use translate to get a general account of what she blogs about.  :)   Wow, life is something huh??  I don't even remember how many years I have known Olga.  I never met her, but she is the trust girl, and that goes a long way in my book you know?? 

So anyway it has been quite a week this week.  Probably a lot of things to think about.  You know one of the flaws of people??  And I think it is a flaw.  We look at celebrities as bigger than life.  I think people are people, and the hierarchy of people in our eyes is a false vision too.  Celebrities and famous people up here, and other people down lower.  The World is full of a caste system, and we don't even really mean to do it.  Boy we have a lot of flaws don't we?? 

Well guess that is about it.  :)

Have a good one all.  :)  xoxo

:D   :D

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Christi said...

I don't know we exalt people over others. It is weird!

Great job on the running!