Monday, May 7, 2012

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... is subject to change, but that is what I got now.  Yep, you know if it is hard to come up with a title, there is not much to blog about.  Gonna get some coffee though, and see what happens.  brb.  :)

For the record I never ran yesterday.  I forgot we were going to see "The Avengers" which usually after a movie I am tired anyway, but it was raining when I got home too, so just relaxed, and I got home around 3:00 anyway.  I watched a little tv, ate dinner and went to bed. 

I think sometimes people try to "choose" their words "wisely" and you know that doesn't work.  There are two ways to be, one is to "choose wisely"  and the other is to be.  Choosing wisely you really just end up trying to please someone, and it isn't the real you.  The real you is the best person you can bring, but we have two sides to us maybe.  The side we want to show people.  You know you want everyone to think your life is fabulous type thing, and the real side, which is something different.  The one where we are not always on top of our game.  The side where life gets boring some of the time.  We are not happy all the time, stuff like that.  I don't know why there is this desire in all of us to tell people how great our lives are.  You know??

The healthiest thing you can do for yourself is weed through all the crap in us, that isn't the real stuff.  Trust me we have a lot of that, and get to the real you.  See it ain't that easy, because the world is busy.  We have a desire to want people to think we are fabulous.  That is probably just human tendency.  It is hard to get to this area, and really I think we are only given times where we get to this area.  Quiet times, when maybe the world for just a little bit is taken out of the equation.  We are complex people, and getting to know us is a journey, because we are given little pieces of the puzzle here and there.  This is the important stuff.  The other stuff we do is just the other stuff.  You know??

Remember "Good Will Hunting"  ??  When Robin Williams told Will "everything you tell me you read in a book, if you want to tell me about you, I am fascinated,  I am in."    Great line. 

I guess really what I am saying is be open that there is more to you than you even know.  You are more than your weekly schedule and routine, and as a matter of fact that really is nothing about you anyway really.

Well, guess I gotta run.  Day off running yesterday means I get to run today.  :)

Have a good one all.   :)   

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