Wednesday, May 9, 2012

From Within...

Oh, I got something on my mind now.  A couple secrets etc...  I will get some coffee, and brb.  It just hit me yesterday, and maybe those who read this have felt it a while.  I am uninspired.  I have been for a couple years to be honest.  You see I can put in some type of work anytime.  No big deal, but for me I have been missing an ingredient.  Inspiration, and you know none of you out there inspire me.  Not saying some of you are not my faves, but Inspiration comes from within.  It is a personal thing that says yes,  I want to be focused for x and x amount of time.  Being focused is good, but like I said it can not be all encompassing to who you are.  Life goes on.  Cannot block out life.  You know my best marathon actually came during a horrible time for me.  I was dealing with shit, I did not ask for, and it made me look a fool to be honest.  I still did what I did, and you know for me, I think I had a little luck my calves didn't cramp up, which is a problem for me. 

So yesterday it hit.  Let's do this shit again.  It clicked.  I had a spark kind of tracking a marathon this weekend.  Goals sought year after year are good things.  Even after failure getting back up and going after it again.  The spark didn't stick, because the missing ingredient for me, was for inspiration to come from within.  I had to get, and be on board.  Yesterday it hit.  Like I said before, "Let's do this" 

What does that entail??  More work, more cross training, and more of finding other things to fill up the dreaded time of the day.  I don't really do tv so much.  I like listening to music, but with a drink in hand.  So if I am not running after work, I will fill my time with other shit.  Central in my mind will be all to run a good marathon.  So sitting around having a couple drinks listening to music ain't going to do it. 

Time for bike rides, and yard work, and reading, and movies I guess. 

One other thing, is it feels pretty fucking good to throw the shit of me behind, and get refocused.  Let's see where this lands.  Also central to any kind of training is the sub: 22:00 5K.  Also to beat the 3:47 marathon. 

Have a great day everyone.   :)

Luv ya's!!!   :)   xoxo

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