Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Morning. :)

Good Morning all how goes it??  Me, I am doing pretty good.  OMG how weird this blog must be sometimes.  Me having no idea at all what goes on this thing, and many times not having a clue of what I will write, and stuff just comes out anyway, or maybe not. 

Today will be no different.  I am not sure what I will write, but I am going to get some coffee, and will brb.  :)

I think I see in which direction this thing is going, and maybe I have known it a while, but might have forgotten.  We think our lives are pretty big, and our world of us is huge, and it really is a false view, and one I saw on a long training run, several years ago.  A true vision of ourselves is direct opposite of how we would want to view our self.  Deep down we want to feel fabulous, and confident, and on top of the World.  We want to be all that, and it is there where we feel great, unfortunately the answers are found at the bottom of the wave.  During our hard times.  You know society is trying to build people up.  There are no losers in Football for kids.  In order to talk about Sports on T.V. you need to be wearing a suit.  You don't see anyone wearing jeans talking about football if they are on the T.V.  The whole world is some big make believe thing made up from imperfect people. 

Uniforms Uniforms Uniforms.  All who we are has nothing to do with the clothes you wear, it is all about what is inside of you.  Like I said before what good is it to be Junior Seau focused,  if you cannot deal with the real you.  It is a tough thing to do this person called us.  We all have shit to deal with, and honesty is fucking hard, because we get to see our true asshole self in all its glory.  We don't trust our asshole self, because we think society might not approve, and society when all is said and done don't mean shit.  Society won't be at your funeral.  People in suits will still be talking on the T.V. Kids will still not be losing football.  Graduations will go on with people wearing caps and gowns they normally would never wear in a million years.   Who the hell thought up the caps and gowns anyway??  How stupid is that??

A lot about life is really stupid, and I think we try to hide our real self by making sacrifices of some sort, and the sacrifices don't really mean shit anyway, because the one we try to please desires compassion and not sacrifice.  Sacrifice we can do, compassion... not so much.   We lose on just that one little thing there.  Embrace the inner you.  You suck, and so do we all.  :)


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